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Books are treasure chests

Of course, some books are treasures in and of themselves.  Rare first editions, illuminated 8th century manuscripts, limited edition collected works, and the like can fetch thousands, in some cases even millions of dollars at auctions and on the black market. 747 more words


Barbara Walters on 'How to talk to practically anybody about anything'

I was going to write a review about this lovely little gem of a book, but Maria Popova beat me to it! Read her outstanding review, here.


Summer "Issues": Dissertation!

Apologies for the massive delay in MA updates. Last time I checked in, we’d finished courses and were writing essays and an exam. That all went pretty smoothly for me (though  nothing’s been marked yet so who really knows?) — the take-home exam was actually kind of enjoyable, as I’d prepared my texts in advance and just had to write close readings without worrying about bringing in secondary sources (some people did use criticism but it was optional so I chose not to for such short essays). 371 more words


Mortuary to be named after Val McDermid

The CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger award winner Val McDermid will have a mortuary named after her at the University of Dundee.

Members of the public contributed donations to the university’s “Million for a Morgue” campaign, and voted for which writer the morgue should be named after. 287 more words


David Mitchell publishes story on Twitter

David Mitchell is promoting his upcoming novel The Bone Clocks, which will be released on 2 September, by publishing a short story The Right Sort… 109 more words


The Faults in Our Stars: Book V Movie

I like to state how i end up doing certain things because i feel like i need to prove to the world that i did it through my own research instead of just following the crowd. 1,718 more words


Decide theme for Guardian’s BookBench

The National Literacy Trust’s Books about Town fundraising scheme involving a series of book-shaped bench sculptures decorated by well-known artists has recently been launched, and the… 233 more words