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Bookstore: New Orleans

We were walking down the street in New Orleans, and came across this tiny bookstore that was crammed with books – more books per foot than I have ever seen in a bookstore before. 135 more words

Celebrate This Week- April 19, 2014

This week I’m celebrating happiness.

I am visiting family and friends in Las Vegas. It’s always nice to see them. Enjoy the pics!

But whatever sights I saw or food I ate or things I did, the highlights are always the ones when I bond with the people I love!


The New, the Shocking, and the Benji

Today I stopped in at the toy store for the first time since I quit.

It depressed me. All of my favorite people had quit and vanished off the face of the earth, the few really hard workers who had stayed are down to minimal hours and they’re purposely scheduled shifts that don’t allow them to work with people they’re friends with. 924 more words

Cafe & Bookstore: Kramerbooks & Afterwards Cafe

Hello everyone!

For those of you who were not aware… a certain thing just happened in D.C. involving the colors white and pink and a mass of trees… and it happens every year… yes. 686 more words


Photos from the Book Launch

Though The Rooms Are Filled doesn’t officially come out until April 22, the launch party at Barnes & Noble was Wednesday night. It was absolutely wonderful and I am flushed with happiness from the support of family and friends, and their friends who brought more friends. 144 more words


Maui Children’s Bookstore + Cafe Pop Up Shop This Weekend!

Still on the hunt for the perfect permanent location, Maui Children’s Bookstore + Cafe is teaming up with locally owned shops for one-day pop-up events this Spring and Summer. 282 more words


Not as easy as it looked

There is a little Christian bookstore in Sherbrooke, Québec that we used to visit when we lived in that province. I would buy a book or two and we would visit with Priscille, the lady who managed the store. 309 more words