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Bookstore Bliss

I must admit that once I heard the sad news that Borders was going out of business, my husband and I headed over to our nearest one (we were so lucky that it was mere minutes away) and perused the bookshelves with heavy hearts.  440 more words


Book Store Road Trip

I love book stores.

I love libraries and studies and really any area where you are surrounded by tall shelves and dust and the scent of paper. 687 more words

Hatchards Bookshop

If you’re looking for one of those magical bookstores that makes you feel like a child on Christmas morning, you can find it in London. 205 more words


It's The Little Differences...

*customer walks up to me holding two different books by the same author*
Customer: Sorry, but what’s the difference between these two books?
Me: Um… they are two different books, so the titles and the story…


Bookends Of Christchurch....

….really deserves a plug here on my modest site:

I found that Bookends bag – which, ironically, held some old forks and knives – while unpacking our kitchen. 237 more words


Bookstore shelves to be purified of homophobia

Source: Çiçek Tahaoğlu, “Kitapçıların Rafları Homofobiden Arınıyor.” (“Bookstore shelves to be purified of homophobia.”) Bianet, 20 October 2014, http://bianet.org/bianet/saglik/159306-kitapcilarin-raflari-homofobiden-ariniyor

The Lambdaistanbul Mental Health Commission is meeting with bookstores in order for books which argue that homosexuality is an illness and that LGBTI people need to be treated to be taken off of their shelves.  279 more words

LGBTI Activism