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The Annual Greeting

It just occurred to me, with Gill’s imminent arrival here for Christmas, that I have neglected to send any Christmas cards this year. It was something I used to love doing. 763 more words


When things go bad

I am so thankful I have partial ability to step out of my mind and observe my thoughts. It’s a way of life I have been striving to achieve for 10 years. 833 more words

The Knock on The Door

In his frenzy to ‘organize’ the basement, Crazy D has taken to Kijiji to offer items for sale. Sometimes I am aware of these pending events, sometimes not. 680 more words


The Winter Coat Battle

While Gill and I were having our weekly Skype chat yesterday, L’il Sis waltzed in to model her latest fashion purchase. It was a winter coat– a hardcore winter coat from a certain Wilderness, Adventure-type store. 616 more words


The Price of Living With Mom

Gill used to find it ever so annoying, when she lived here,  that I found it necessary to ‘share’ bits from the newspapers, funny pictures on Facebook, things I heard on CNN news. 614 more words


About the 'Terrible Incident' and Poor Spelling

I recently had a nasty experience. My email was hacked. It might have taken me some time to realize it except for the fact that friends and   even people I had lost contact with years ago phoned me to let me know and make sure I was okay, not lying in a ditch somewhere, body broken (that would be Crazy D), and didn’t need money (well, I’d never turn down contributions — after all, I have The Pig to feed). 680 more words


A Man of Few Words and Many Beds

Gill emailed me with a question:”What the Hell is up with Crazy D?” How to answer…was she referring to his current plot to retrieve another of his beds from Toronto (of the three he has been through in the past six months)? 852 more words