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Manic Panic vs Growing Up

See now, this is one of the under-publicised benefits of having an older sibling: we break parents in so that our younger siblings need only follow in our footsteps. 771 more words


The 1990s Called and Want Their Pink Hair Back

I know something interesting, awful, bizarre or ridiculous is about to happen when any of my three adult children yells, “Close your eyes…I’ve got something amazing to show you!” 663 more words


Last Seen In A Cloud of Bug Spray

I suspect Gill is re-thinking her plans to visit us this summer.The way things are going, I can’t say I blame her. And although she loves her brother dearly, his actions give her another reason to shake her head and question Crazy D’s life decisions. 820 more words


World Cup…Is It Over Yet?

The fever has dropped back to normal. Now we can get back to placing bets as to when the world will destroy itself (whether by weird weather or Middle East  war) and whether George Clooney’s future mother-in-law likes him or not. 564 more words


Adult children should NOT live with their parents. PERIOD!

Yes, there are exceptions to basic rules and boundaries, but, as of now, tell me that most young adult children are problem solving better with their choices and expectations. 384 more words

Mental Health

Breakfast With the Horsies

I have always made it a habit, when I travel, of letting my kids know I have arrived safely at my destination. If possible, I give them updates on what I’m doing, where I’m going from there. 494 more words



I have, as I told Gill recently, a small, insignificant bone to pick with her brother, Crazy D.

My garden is, as many readers know, an eclectic mix of ‘crop circles’ — ground covers that bloom pink, purple, and blue in the spring and have effectively choked out most of my grass. 587 more words