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Net Worth 4/2014

I realize I’m 10 days late on this, as the unspoken PF blog rule is to post your net worth updates on the first of each month. 219 more words

Help a Brother (Or Sister) Out

One of the things I most admire about my children is that they are always eager to help each other out. It doesn’t matter what hair-brained scheme is afoot, if a member of the family is doing it, it is not only sanctioned by the rest, it is cheered on (or egged on), advertised, and assisted in any way possible by the others. 648 more words


You Stink!

We are currently having a battle over smells. L’il Sis was doing the dishes the other day and was using the dishwashing liquid I had purchased. 591 more words


Pit Crew

Add to the list of “Things I Never Thought I’d do’ (especially in my senior years) is become a member of a Pit Crew. Again, before anyone thinks Nascar or the Indie 500, allow me to dampen the expectations. 1,215 more words


Saturday Night Fever

It was just like the old days here on Saturday. Crazy D spent a few hours in the basement (his man cave…that’s as opposed to his ‘man hole’ warehouse space in Toronto) playing his guitar and in the evening, he and L’il Sis had friends over. 545 more words


♪ They're Here ♫

First, the good part. I filed a complaint with the county about the dog barking. While it hasn’t stopped completely, the offenders let their dogs out one at a time in the morning before 6 am. 891 more words


Regular readers are familiar with my current flat-share living situation. One of the main issues of contention with the three of us (me, L’il Sis and CrazyD) is food. 549 more words