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Gerard "Doc" Parkes b. 1924 d. 2014

Fraggle Rock is a little sadder today as the actor who played Doc, Gerard Parkes, has passed away at the age of 90 in Toronto, Canada. 137 more words


Rest in Peace- Gerard Parkes

You may not know the name, but if you are a child of the 80’s you know the man.

Gerard Parkes, best known for his role in Fraggle Rock and much later in Boondock Saints has passed at the age of 90. 9 more words


Doc From 'Fraggle Rock' (Gerard Parkes) Has Passed Away

A fondly remembered part of our childhood has died, and I’m afraid we can’t just dance our cares away for this one. Gerard Parkes, a man you should instantly recognize, has passed away four days after his 90th birthday, as confirmed by… 137 more words


Inspiration/Favorite Actor: The Wooster Group and Willem Dafoe


I’m still not sure how he made the switch from stage to screen, but I’d love to find out…. 140 more words


The Boondock Saints- (Troy Duffy, 1999)

Overview- Two catholic Irish brothers living in Boston who end up killing two members of the Russian Mafia after a bar fight. They become known as “The Saints” and begin to clean the streets of mobsters and other members of both the Russian and Italian Mafia. 273 more words

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The Boondock Saints

Awwwwwww Yeaahhhhhhh

My guilty pleasure (other than Disney movies) is this cult-classic.

If you like the idea of two badass Irish brothers taking the law into their own hands by riding Boston of the evil men operating there, while a sassy FBI agent closes in on their trail… Then you will love this movie, because guess what- that’s exactly the plot! 374 more words


Troy Duffy Talks About Boondock Saints 3... Cool?

I never quite got the Boondock Saints thing. I liked the first one but I was hardly one of the rabid following that took it from box office failure to cult favorite. 281 more words