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The Boondock Saints

Awwwwwww Yeaahhhhhhh

My guilty pleasure (other than Disney movies) is this cult-classic.

If you like the idea of two badass Irish brothers taking the law into their own hands by riding Boston of the evil men operating there, while a sassy FBI agent closes in on their trail… Then you will love this movie, because guess what- that’s exactly the plot! 374 more words


Troy Duffy Talks About Boondock Saints 3... Cool?

I never quite got the Boondock Saints thing. I liked the first one but I was hardly one of the rabid following that took it from box office failure to cult favorite. 281 more words


Cat Got Your Tongue? Why, Yes, Yes, It Does (Originally posted May 28, 2013)


It’s raining.  I really like rainy days.  I like the sound of the rain hitting my windows, staying in my pajamas all day, and the possibility of my grandma making me hot coffee or tea.  1,362 more words

Tough Questions: What Did You Love as a Teenager That You Can't Stand Now?

Every week we ask everyone who hangs out around here to answer a tough question. This week:

What did you love as a teenager that you can’t stand now? 569 more words


The Boondock Saints (USA, 1999)

Directed by: Troy Duffy. So I know this is heresy and an affront to the status of this “cult classic”, (and to my friends who revel in this film’s cult status), and I think that even if I was really in the right mood to suspend all of my judgement and hop aboard this Irish-American train of bewildering and unnecessary reveling in bro-violence under the strange veil of a celebration of Irish culture, Catholic mysticism, and rugged, chainsmoking, tattooed masculine violence. 475 more words