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Our new Home - Expectations vs. Reality

We decided to get an RV. My fiance and I spent countless hours doing research like what to look for what to expect, maintenance, etc. We knew we would be in for a lot of responsibility and possible headaches. 857 more words


Why do cops hate RV's???

Seriously I had no idea cops  had a chip on their shoulder about RV’s? We are pretty mellow people. We don’t have parties at the RV or make noise or cause a disruption.   396 more words


Whooee yipee or rather Owyhee Mountains here I Come!!!

The adventure just keeps getting better. I left the Effus and headed to Kingman Arizona to visit the Colbaugh Turquoise processing facility. They been at it for several generations! 412 more words


Update: I Just Added Over 60 Videos To My New YouTube Channel!

Thanks to a fortunate week of nonstop hi-speed internet, I’ve finally been able to work my way through a massive backlog of videos I needed to process and post. 154 more words


Valley of the Gods

From our perch 1,000 feet above the San Juan River at Goosenecks State Park, we awoke to another beautiful spring morning.  The winds during the night were mild, providing us with a wonderful night’s sleep.  549 more words


Learn the fine art of effective sewer hose operation | RV Travel

Learn the fine art of effective sewer hose operation | RV Travel.

Boy i sure wish that most folks would learn and understand this, as for all the years i have been camping up and down the east coast, i have been one of the very few who seem to know or care about the sewer issues! 81 more words

The World As I See It As A Camper And Who Loves His Country