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The Road to Wigan Bells

I live in a grim Northern Town. Whenever I go into town these days (something I generally try to avoid), I am struck by the new phenomenon of women – mostly older women – walking around with small bells attached to their person. 239 more words

Seattle Polish Festival

I was asked to come by and photograph some highlights of this one day festival for Poland in Seattle. There were two things that stood out photographically… a modern dance presentation and a folk fashion show…

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KTAB On The Road

Dont’ miss a great time with KTAB this Wednesday the 16th from 4-10 on the Runnels County Courthouse Lawn. Free food, free entertainment, games, booths, etc. 79 more words


How to Make your Booth Worth Checking Out

     All work and no play, makes your booth a dull one. Who wants that? Here are several ideas on how to attract attendees to your booth during your next crowded event or trade show. 328 more words


street carnival art | sushi & chiffon

The other treat at festivals is the cool arts and crafts displayed, whether for sale or for show!

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Silas + Evie = BCF (Best Cousins Forever)

A few weeks have passed since our trip to Nebraska, but here are some fun pictures from our time with Tara, Ryan, and Silas! Thanks for the memories, folks! 10 more words


From my Eyes.

So, I recently went on a 3 week long trip with my family to UK and Europe.

It was exhillerating. Nothing less than that. So here is presenting you London from my eyes. 146 more words