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Jack's Attic at Tape Eaters

Jack’s Attic will be at the 3rd Annual Tape Eaters VHS Convention today in Ann Arbor passing out/hiding/dropping/throwing some one-off Zombie Disuko Smasher bootleg mini-figures. We cast 20 of these guy in some unique colors and in the process destroyed our mold, so once these ones are gone they will never be produced again.  See ya at Tape Eaters!

Jacks Attic

Listen to this Band: 'M o t h e r'

Of course I was perplexed when I saw Penn Badgleys (Gossip Girl) face on an email I received from Fold Silverlake announcing upcoming shows. I went to google and typed in the bands name to confirm that it was in fact him and it was! 84 more words


Troubles over Lionsgate's newest film set to release in 3 weeks...

How did a DVD copy of Lionsgate’s newest movie ‘The Expendables 3‘ surface online for thousands to download? It’s being confirmed by Variety… 224 more words

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