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A chatroom for all! Part 1 to Part 6

Click to ReadThis node.js tutorial series will help you build a node.js powered real-time chatroom web app fully deployed in the cloud. You are expected to know HTML5 and JavaScript. 91 more words


Bootstrap, jQuery in modal doesn't work

Im making a page where you can check a few lines in a table, and then export them.

Here is the code http://ift.tt/1CeSuXF

Code for adding lines to modal export menu works great, but code that deletes lines inside modal doesn’t work. 25 more words

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Building Apps with Node.js (4/6) Creating the UI

Developer and IT training videos: http://goo.gl/QBWjvA

Learn how to build websites & apps: http://goo.gl/p9DrUh

Work with Jade templates, alongside Bootstrap, to create a basic user interface for the chat application.


Twitter Bootstrap Modal

Click to Read: The Bootstrap Modal is a responsive JavaScript popup used for many purposes, such as log in/signup forms, videos, images and alert dialog boxes. 25 more words


HTML5 frameworks an overview (part III): Twitter Bootstrap

Click to Read: An html5 framework is a pre-built set of pages in html5 with a highly structured css/css3 and some enhances and features added by javascript, so it’s not only html5 but concerns a set of technologies always more strictly integrated.


Bootstrap Datepicker

Hey….. today we will see how to add Datepicker in our application.
For this we will use datepicker3.css, jquery-1.11.0.min.js and bootstrap-datepicker.js
You can download it from my Github account – … 150 more words