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How to Integrate Bootstrap Navbar Into WordPress Theme

It’s hard to convert bootstrap menu to word press easily. for you need to use bootstrap walker php file and some steps and you are finish. 570 more words


Localization of bootstrap datepicker control

Countering with datepicker control

In newer version of bootstrap they even have provided way to show customize day/month in datepicker control. It can be used to localize day/month name.

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Custom dropdown/auto-complete with AngularJS

I’ll admit it, I’m a big fan of AngularJS; it’s a great framework. If you consider yourself a serious front-end developer, you should really know about AngularJS. 456 more words


Custom Bootstrap 3 media queries for a mobile first stylesheet

Bootstrap 3 was a big change from Bootstrap 2. The biggest difference is that it uses the mobile first/progressive enhancement concept.

Therefore to create a custom stylesheet it should be structured in the following way. 92 more words


Centering a div with CSS without negative margin or jQuery

You know, centering a div is always a pain in the ass, but now we have the cure, we have the pill, we have the suppository. 219 more words


Restrict the selectable date ranges in Bootstrap Datepicker control


While dealing with bootstrap datepicker control today I came across interesting feature that to make enable only selected date ranges from datepicker control to restrict user while selecting any dates.

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Dabbling in Bootstrap and Font Awesome Part 4 - Holding a special place in my field (Placeholders and IE8 / IE9)

One of the many cool features of the Bootstrap framework is the placeholder, which displays some text in the fields, either explaining what value is expected in the field or it can be used instead of a label, if your form doesn’t have a lot of space. 1,115 more words