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What Nightcrawler Teaches You About Starting A Business

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal in the gritty thriller Nightcrawler, but you need to see this movie. Shot almost entirely at night on the streets of LA, the film features Gyllenhaal as Louis Bloom, a guy desperate to make it in any industry he can get into. 566 more words


How - Self Learning with Andragogy vs Pedagogy

To question education is taboo, to question it puts you outside the circle of popular belief. It’s funny then how our society has become so focused on… 877 more words


6 Bootstrapping Tips From an Entrepreneur Who Turned $3,000 Into Millions

If you're considering starting a business, a small amount of money can go a long way towards building your future success.

Journal Entry - January 5, 2015

The process of starting my business has been a journey. I made my decision to leave my partnership with a global company that manufactures and distributes grooming products for men in late October and started researching returning to my roots in November of 2014. 719 more words


Early Release Abstract - Examining the Qualitative Attributes Used for Selecting Investment Worthy Ventures in the B2B IT Subsector

Examining the Recent History of Qualifying Investment Worthy Target Ventures in the B2B IT subsectors.

Alan D. Wilensky, Analyst
bizQuirk, LLC.


Is the The B2B IT sector a difficult arena to source and place capital or, conversely, to harvest capital out of such deals?

1,030 more words
EDI Industry Advocacy

Typostrap prototyping tool

Build interactive responsive prototypes with TYPO3 Neos CMS and Foundation. http://typostrap.io/

Little on the nerd side but I’m personally pretty excited to check it out.  Looks pretty cool.