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How To Be A Maven: TeamWork Or Dig Dirt

Greed is good…to quote Gordon Gekko. But more importantly it’s realizing it also clarifies who’s using it correctly and for what motive. We all have ambition (at different levels) but realizing who is genuinely collaborative makes all the difference. 61 more words

Islandsbanki Entrepreneur Grant

I was invited to give a talk in an event organized by Islandsbanki to award grants to 6 entrepreneurial companies. The companies were in the Energy and Seafood sectors, which is the core focus of the bank. 383 more words


I Was Wrong. Gulp.

Not easy words to admit, but the truth. Once upon a time, I believed the poor were poor because they were lazy; that the liberal agenda was to take hard-earned middle-class money and distribute it to the lazy that took us for suckers; that the whites had moved on from seeing race, and that minorities should, too, and stop playing the damn race card; I believed that there was only ONE reliable news source—and that the rest of the “liberal media” were serving the same dangerous agenda, and that words like “progress” and “equality” were silly-at-best code words for this agenda, that sent up a huge reg flag: do not listen. 463 more words


Buzzfeed Cre8tive

BuzzFeed, Inc.
200 5th Ave
8th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Dear Messrs. Peretti, Smith, Lerer and team:

Congratulations, of the nearly infinite quantity of potential job openings and employers around the globe, you have been selected to be the first to participate in my transparent job seeking efforts. 315 more words


Happy Birthday To Me - The Beginning

Tomorrow, I turn 24!

And what am I going to give myself this year? My very own personal blog…wahoo!

Truthfully, I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and I’ve tried on multiple occasions, but never had the motivation to really maintain a comprehensive website. 1,140 more words

Top-Down Technology Customer Acquisition Program

Incubating a Top-Down Technology Customer Acquisition Program

The four most common major challenges for new technology companies:

  • Consistently targeting senior decision-making executives for strategic business & budgeting decisions…
  • 892 more words
Lead Generation


The past semester I’ve learned a lot within my classes which included Retail Management, Project Management, Social Media, and finally my topic of interest on this subject, Managing your Finance. 244 more words