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Skinny Startups: Recruiting

Part 3 of Skinny Startups: Recruiting via Outsourcing

(16:51) So you realize you need a bit of extra help but don’t want to dish out all this money to hire employees? 483 more words


Skinny Startups: Crowdfunding

Part 2 of Skinny Startups: Crowdfunding

(13:17) Sooooo in this section, Kristin had a bit of a brain fart and decided that crowd funding was synonymous with crowd surfing. 234 more words


A bootstrapping wantrepreneur's tale

I am starting anew. And this time, I am starting with nothing.  

It is not my life that has been reset, but rather I am starting again to build something that will matter. 326 more words


The magic 100k investment

Every startup I meet in search of investment has the same statement or assumption in financing their idea. They all need 100k to validate their idea. 809 more words


Skinny Startups: Bootstrapping for Fun and Profit

Last week, I gave a presentation at Excel Corp. about bootstrapping and how it can help your company. For those that missed out, no worries, I’ve decided to be incredibly kind and post not only the video presentation (33 mins long) but also the key points covered and resource guide. 690 more words


To Bootstrap Or Not To Bootstrap?

Going in I was all about bootstrapping our business. Essentially this means using the profits of the business to pay for the running costs. To us it meant never having to look for external money. 381 more words

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5 considerations for potential bootstrappers

Dreams of starting your own business are often filled with fantasies of coming up with a great idea, and venture capital firms fighting to fund it for you. 886 more words