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The past semester I’ve learned a lot within my classes which included Retail Management, Project Management, Social Media, and finally my topic of interest on this subject, Managing your Finance. 244 more words


More bond videos

Just uploaded two more fixed income videos about spot/forward rates, and yield measures for floating-rate securities. These can be found here.

Admittedly, the Dec 2014 session ship may have sailed, but still cranking out material for anyone who can use it for this session. 11 more words


The Anatomy of a Reclaimed Printer - 11/23 Update

Back in July I posted about my 3D printer project, and now, after working on it on and off, it is technically “printing”, but still needs some hardware and software refinements to start producing more accurate objects – the idea is to keep making the printer more accurate and precise by making its own parts needed to do so.  396 more words

3D Printer

What's cooking....

I didn’t expect my schedule to get so completely derailed by the ad campaign thing, so the development of further videos got unexpectedly delayed. Nevertheless, by Saturday, I’ll upload 3 new videos for Fixed Income: 83 more words


Scavenger Hunt

As children, many of us went on scavenger hunts and amassed random objects from lists. The people who helped us in this process, did so to participate in our process (or game), to aide in our success and have a little fun doing so. 291 more words

Jim Hart

Seed Funding in New Zealand

Seed funding is described by “Inc.” magazine as the earliest round of capital that is required by a start-up company. The term ‘Seed funding’ can be applied to any finance raised at the outset of a new venture to allow for development. 672 more words

Bootstrapping, Linux, and Me


Pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is an old American saying. Imagine reaching down, grabbing the tops of your shoes, and pulling yourself up into the air. 382 more words