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FI-RVK Chapter Launched! and 6 questions for every startup founder

Yes, we have launched a Beta/Exploratory chapter of Founders Institute in Reykjavik. You can apply now! I was interviewed by Siggy with Viking Entrepreneurs about this. 563 more words


Scrappy underdogs

So, this month we have grown to a 7 member team. We also moved a big ass table in my 150 sq. ft. apartment and converted my bedroom to a conference room. 330 more words


The Myth of Venture Capital

We’ve all heard the story: Brilliant founder raises millions of dollars in venture capital and attains new heights of wealth and success. While this has been true in a few exceptional cases, I’m fascinated by how often this narrative is portrayed in today’s media. 69 more words


Take Innovation to the Extreme with CEA Innovate

It’s easy to say, “I’m a CEO. I’m building a startup.”

Anyone can do that these days.

But to be successful at entrepreneurship is a different story. 424 more words

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I definitely agree with everything being said in this post and I will also make sure to follow this organization. Yeah, everyone wants to be a CEO or founder of a Start-up but have no real idea of what this entails. Man, it's a life long journey. See what they have to offer. Sounds really exciting!

Advice is cheap

My last blog post should have kicked some of you off your backside to get stuff done… I know I know, advice is cheap and it is even cheaper for me to “share my wisdom”, like no-one knew that… 287 more words


The Hustler Mindset

Our culture today has become so enamored with the zero-to-hero entrepreneur–the innovative masterminds such as Bezos, Gates, Musk, and Schultz. The influx of periodicals, articles, networking events, clubs, and books on the topic has only served to further the romanticization of the idea and word “entrepreneur” to the point that the term has become a trite cliché. 1,148 more words

Personal Finance

Bootstrapping – Boon or Bane for Product Startups?

On August 14th, 2014 iSPIRT, the industry enabler that is creating a vibrant eco-system for promoting, encouraging, supporting and enabling product companies out of India, organised a very useful online discussion on the concept of bootstrapping. 877 more words

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