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#789 - Sir Mix-a-Lot Would Not Care for Me

I have the flattest ass in the world. And yet, I appear to have lost some of it.

Sketch A Day

the kill

tiffany watched her shoulder rise and fall; the thin strands of hair flutter with every slow exhale of sleep; her shoulder blade contrast pale skin against shadow in the new-born dawn; fought the urge to press her lips to the bare skin before she decided to sweep her face clear, and with her thumb traced the shell of her ear, down to the curve of her jaw, and ever ever so slightly ran the knuckle of her thumb over the curve of her back to the shoulder blade, thinking out loud “what if i wanted to leave?” and watched as her eyes slowly opened and focused on her, her hand still tracing the little ridges on her spine, “then i’ll make dinner tonight and wait for you to come home,” and it was the wrong answer to her question because she was sure that taeyeon never had the notion in her head that she would leave for good, but it was the right answer because she did indeed have a long day of work ahead while taeyeon started her vacation a day early, and she never had the notion in her head that she would leave for good, either.  6 more words


Subway Badonk FTW

Damn, can the author of this NYMag post do a better job of disguising his thinly veiled, seething envy?

In his post, “How Not to Use Your Butt on the Subway, in One Extreme Photo”, Joe Coscarelli describes the above subway situation thus: 311 more words


Kim Kardashian Shows Off Booty In Thong Bikini

Kim Kardashian has never been one to leave much — or anything, for that matter — to the imagination, and on a recent family vacation to Thailand, she’s showing off lots of her assets. 101 more words


Mila Doll - Instagram Eye Candy

Rumor has it that her butt is fake and a result of injections or implants or whatever

I personally do not give a flying bird, as it looks delicious anyways… 39 more words