I Love You

***This was written on June 25, 2012***

Hey there, friend. How do you do?
If you’ve got a moment, I’ve got something to share with you. 273 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

One More Dance

***This was written on May 13, 2012***

Might I have just one more dance?
Please don’t deny me this Joyous chance.
I just want to waltz with you one more time if I may. 305 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Rain, Rain, [Don't] Go Away

***This was written on May 9, 2012***

“Rain, rain, go away/Come again another day”

It’s another day in my never-ending saga
A day full of woe, misery, and pointless drama… 246 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

The Corner

***This was written on April 16, 2012***

That area in the room, so dark and lonely,
The empty and isolated corner is always there to greet me… 489 more words

Bro. B.I.B.


***This was written on April 15, 2012***

Hello, Jesus. Thank You for another day.
If You have a moment, I have something I need to say… 262 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Baby's Cry 8

***This was written on April 3, 2012***

Mommy, why didn’t you let me grow?
I wanna soar high in the sky, not stay down here so low… 226 more words

Bro. B.I.B.

Blue Skies

***This was written on April 2, 2012***

Condensation takes its toll again
The clouds cover the sky
It’ll rain soon, and the sky is completely gray… 158 more words

Bro. B.I.B.