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Late Summer on the croft

We’re enjoying the last wild flowers as they will soon be swept away by the Autumn storms.

Ted is a real water dog, who will jump into any stream or ditch he can find. 154 more words


Loki & the dog park

So I’ve found something out lately. Loki is one of those dogs at the dog park that other dogs love to pick on. You know, they’re usually white fluffies? 364 more words

Border Collie

Meetings, Merles, Memories

I haven’t had much of a chance to write about our trip West with Polly last month. It’s been a pretty hectic summer—deadline-driven dissertation work in June, three weeks on the road in July, and the kitchen remodel that’s dragged on over the three weeks since we returned. 701 more words


It's a Cinch!

August 20, 2014

Our dog Max is so spoiled…we got him a pet! Well, not really, a little boy in North Perry wanted his five year old Border Collie to live on a farm. 84 more words

Small Farming

just a Loki

Sooooo… I have a problem.

It’s actually a really good one to have, I’m just not used to it, or haven’t ever had to think about it before. 437 more words


Hiking with my search dog

Banjo and I went hiking together for the first time. Its been something I’ve wanted to do with him since I adopted him and he had a brilliant time. 1,591 more words