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Things I Have Learned in the Last Week

Shaak Ti and I have been away for a week to visit our family in the mid-west.  Having my car is a major source of security for me.  781 more words

Border Collie

Stick Time!

Crazy Stick obsessed Lola has not time to stop and pose, theres far to much growling, chewing and tripping up mummy and daddy to do! I forget that in a woodland theres going to be thousands of giant sticks laying around, silly me!

Border Collie

Mucky Pup!

Wet from splish-sploshing around in a pond! Technically only a puppy for another month! Our baby girl has grown up so fast. Time to plan her 1st birthday celebrations

Border Collie

Posing dogs

They just lay there on the couch! <3

Border Collies

Well, I *did* ask for this...

Archer is home!  We went last Saturday to pick him up in a marathon road trip that shall never be repeated, because…being awake for 36 hours isn’t right.   1,415 more words


#167 – More Carneddau wanderings

After the recent cold spell and storm force winds it’s difficult to remember that autumn in the UK was one long extended summer (OK, I exaggerate just a little!). 607 more words



Greetings from Florida once more. The Border Collie is Ms. Zulu (http://anarette.com/tag/zulu/). She enjoys riding in the car with the windows rolled down. Happy New Year from Anarette and crew!

Great shot! :)

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