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Freedom on a string

2 incredible things have happened for andy, he nearly had a third incredible thing, but it was dark and he didn’t notice.

Friday was his first day out. 603 more words

Dog Training - how do I choose what to do?

My plan when I get a pup is to build a friendship, partnership, confident dog who will be with me for the next 10 to 15 years. 349 more words

Dog Training

SkyWatch Friday ~ Rastus

It was a dull, cloudy day…Rastus brings a bit of color (and a smile) to the photo! Happy Friday!

SkyWatch Friday

Ranch Life

Hyper Dogs.

My dog never sleeps.
And when he does, he’s still running marathons then.

“Human, wake up, play time.”

“Human, wake up, I want food.” 63 more words

Border Collie

a nice little collie

He’s such a good little boy, though very much going through adolescence as evidenced by him wanting to pee on things inside at school and also eating through his crate at school. 61 more words


Life with Dogs: Part 10-Tula

Tula came to me as a scared, skinny runaway from Chico, CA, age unknown.

She’d recently given birth, had a dry, raggedy coat and kept her tail permanently tucked between her legs. 210 more words


The Ocean of Grief

If I had a blog, today I would write about grief.

Life is hard, often too hard. Losing a loved one to death is the hardest test we face. 500 more words