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Trying to go to Kosovo?

After a night on a weird boat with some Serbs, Charlie and I decided to get out of Belgrade. We rented a Black 2013 VW Golf and set our sights on the one place our car rental place told us we probably shouldn’t go: Kosovo. 865 more words


Conflicts without borders

In Finland last month I gave a presentation on Law, violence and b/ordering, in which I began by making two preliminary points about border crossings and (para)military violence: trans-border incursions and transgressions have been facilitated by (i) new stealth technologies deployed by state actors and (ii)  the rise of new non-state and para-state actors.   219 more words

Late Modern War

Ten isis fighters have been caught crossing the Mexican border

WHOA: Congressman Reveals that at Least 10 ISIS Fighters Have Been Caught Crossing the Border into the U.S.
October 8, 2014 By Greg Campbell

ZGretaThough President Obama has simultaneously pretended that ISIS is the “JV team” of terrorism and that maintaining an open, porous border with Mexico is a humane act, the two seemingly unrelated issues are actually quite related and extremely dangerous for hundreds of millions of Americans. 316 more words


All Quiet on this Eastern Front

A week’s journey around Kyiv and the quiet parts of Eastern Ukraine, with stops in Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, and Kharkiv. Warning: lots of pictures this time. 2,388 more words

Former Soviet Union


September 5: Goodbye, India! Hello, Tajikistan.

The end of the road. And the start of another.