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Border Crossings - Aurasma

Aurasma is an augmented reality platform which uses image recognition technology on smart phones and tablets etc to recognise real world images and overlay media on top of them in the form of animations, 3D models, images, videos and webpages. 362 more words

Border Crossings

Final Designs

The final neck pieces after all the work! Big thanks to Ailie to modelling them for me, I owe you. Each neck piece is a reliquary, not holding things, but being made from found objects and shapes drawn from my everyday commute from Arbroath to Dundee. 53 more words

Project 3: Final Outcomes

 I think I will let the photos do the talking, with just a brief summary for each

Idea one can be worn three ways as a pendant using just the box lid, a necklace using the whole design or a brooch. 189 more words

Border Crossings

The Final Reliquary

Here are my two final designs.

Based on Latvian ethnography and national dance costumes and my hometown. I’ve combined these themes because this is all about me.

Border Crossings

Project 3: Idea Development

From the initial ideas I concluded that the first idea needs to still incorporate the broch shape and some sort of layer definition.  By a bit of luck and playing I have the solution for the broch shape.   251 more words

Border Crossings

Border crossings - project 3

In this semester, I thought more about the materials and functionality of my products, if  had more time I would have done

Border Crossings

Border Crossings - Who am I?

For our Border Crossings Module we were asked to explore our identity and culture and how this shaped who we are today. In order to do this we must look past traditional clichés and really look into ourselves as an individual – how does where we work, live, eat and socialise influence who we are? 314 more words