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You are not.

It’s ok.
It’s ok to be angry.
It’s ok to be sad.
It’s ok to be anxious.

Most importantly,
It’s ok to be you.

You might not have found out who you are yet, but you will. 78 more words



Taking some time off for rest and refreshment as the saying goes. Mainly sleep, tv, and chores. Especially with the holiday this weekend and I am supposed to get the kids two nights there should be less time for the basics. 2,349 more words

BPD Daily Logs

Forcing myself to do things, even the ones I know I must, feels like jumping in front of a bullet train.

Borderline Personality Disorder


I do believe I’m close to loosing touch with everyone’s reality. I say that because a chaotic mind is my reality. The thoughts are racing so fast, I keep trying to forcefully pull the words out and get them on paper and I’m failing. 49 more words


And so the mighty fall and I have fallen hard

Gravel between my fingers and dirt in my teeth

It takes so little to knock me down one thousand pegs to where I belong… 46 more words

Mental Health

Motherhood And Mental Illness

Being a mother who suffers with mental illness is really hard. My biggest problem is the anxiety. I second-guess myself all the time. I’m worried that I’m ruining my child. 270 more words

Boderline Personality Disorder

New Issue of Turtle Way Mental Health Journal Just Published

Check out the just published online issue of Turtle Way, a literary art journal written by those with mental illness. Poetry, prose, research, humor, photography, and more…

Mental Illness