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Sometimes, the things that hurt the most are the things we never had.


It's Not What It Looked Like...

I’m addicted to watching reruns of Cops and in this moment I enjoy it.. Now having said that, this mornings episode involved a woman who called 911 saying her boyfriend had been beating her and she wanted him out. 243 more words

This Too Will Pass


There’s this twisted ball of anxiety sitting in the pit of my stomach growing bigger by the second.

I just wish I had one day where I felt normal. 213 more words

Doom, gloom and anxiety

I guess those 3 words sum up how things are for me this week. Doom, gloom and anxiety.

When I left my apartment this morning to meet with my psychologist, I had been in my apartment for 42 hours. 2,050 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Noise and Distractions.

When I was given my discharge notes from the hospital, I can’t say I was interested in reading them, I shoved them in the bottom of my bag and ran the hell out of there!  196 more words

Mental Health

Not Ok

I feel this today. I’m not ok.
(cheesy rhyme makes me want to turn this into a poem)

I woke up still feeling achy and my stomach still feels full and sore and bloated even after a whole night of fasting. 680 more words

Trying harder

Today my Doctor called my husband. He warned my husband. Told him to hide the guns. Watch me closely.

I went into the clinic for my 8 week med check up. 211 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder