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Behöver dig här alltid!

Har mått bättre i dag men är otroligt trött. Vaknade tidigt och gick en skön promenad innan frukosten sen lyckades jag tydligen somna om! Och vaknade i panik ur en mardröm haha härligt.. 393 more words

A letter to my mental health social worker (aka bet you'll regret saying i dont talk to you enough!)

A little bit of background and mental health rant to follow:

I went to see my Social Worker (SW) from the mental health team. And had an app afterwards with my psychiatrist. 1,563 more words


#hap2014 - 204 - Yesterday Shop (record by Yesterday Shop)

Accidentally German. Well, there is nothing accidental about it, but then there is once you think about it. Hell, this whole concept of nationality as a measurement of explaining people is a piece of shit really. 117 more words



Fin morgon! 

Egentligen vill jag kika in här på bloggen och säga att allt är helt underbart! men riktigt så är det inte… det är bra men ändå dåligt. 444 more words

A letter to my future self. 1.

Dear Me,
Has your curiosity killed you yet? Or have you killed your curiosity? You know one of you has to die right?
Well, anyway everyone has to die so I’m sure you’re not really worried about that. 630 more words


Chasing Someone Else's Happiness

You know that quintessential high school experience that all those movies portray? Going to parties and driving around at night with your friends feeling young, wild, and free. 528 more words


Starting to date with a mental illness

It’s important to first of all know whether you are ready to date, ready to put yourself out there. It’s not just for your own health that you shouldn’t rush, but also for the other party. 488 more words

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