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Borderline by Madonna

Another great addition to my Madonna collection…



Today in Madonna History: April 20, 2010

On April 20, 2010, “The Power of Madonna” – Glee episode (Season 1, Episode 15) aired on the Fox network.

When cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) demands that Madonna’s music be played over the school intercom system, Glee club director Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) sets the club a Madonna-themed assignment, hoping to empower the female club members. 88 more words



Yep, I was the first person in America, and quite possibly, the world, who flipped their neighbors off with Christmas lights from my rooftop.

April 20, 2014

I am getting skinny-as-fuck AGAIN because I have completely lost my appetite, yet AGAIN.  Sometimes, on rare occasions, I am able to moderately enjoy food and taking time out of my lethargy, apathy, and suicidal tendencies to actually eat it, even sometimes at a restaurant,  but on the whole, I really fucking hate eating. 58 more words

De MAuse: részlet magyarul

De Mause, folyt.köv.








Mivel az anyák elmozdultak a gyerek-ölő gyereknevelési módtól (ld. 6. és 7.fej.), a korai keresztények már belsővé tehettek, internalizálhattak egy olyan Mamit, aki ténylegesen nem öli meg a gyerekeit, csak elhagyja őket, egyrészt érzelmi elhagyás (abandonnálás) által, másrészt azzal, hogy kiadja őket dadusnak, árvaházba küldi, szerzetesnek adja, szolgálatba küldi másokhoz stb. 2,340 more words

He said

He said we sould have some new ground rules

I say everything is a rule to me and I always brake them

He said why can’t you just live to see… 70 more words

Psykisk Ohälsa


Today I was literally BANNED from posting anything but private messages on Facebook.



I thought this was where I was supposed to put all my offensive posts….guess I dropped the ball on that one.