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I got bored tonight and decided to take a sharpie to my phone case… Here is the result:

A Fear of Boredom

To certain men before, I was the excitement they wanted. But they only wanted excitement because they were boring, and eventually that left me as the entertainment….and I was so exhausted and bored of them. 349 more words


I just wanna say that SOMEONE PLZ COMMENT CUZ IM RLLY BORED RIGHT NOW T.T And Imma make random posts from time to time :) Random posts like this :P



Kicked Out of My Support Group


As I’m unable to reveal the true name of my support group, this link is the best I can do. ¬†Basically, I’m sure you’re too poor to have¬†heard of it, but it is a special community for depressed rich people. 59 more words


I feel...

1. Empty*

2. Dejected*

3. Bored*

4. Unhappy*

5. Lonely*

6. Desperate*

7. Hurt*

8. Pensive*

9. Apprehensive*

10. Annoyed*




*Things will get better.

How one pointless thing led to another...

I saw a noticeboard that had a notice on it which said:

“No notices to be put on this noticeboard”.

This raised some important metaphysical questions for me – but I’ll spare you those in case you want to get to sleep tonight. 241 more words