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I really want to learn to draw!

I am actually on school, so I have to go. I’ll end this post with something funny! 28 more words

My Life

The best time wasters.

Having the privilege of spending more time on Netflix than the average bear, I feel I have more than adequate experience with a wide variety of Netflix-available boredom-busters. 630 more words

Boredom…the Kiss of Death

Ok…so how are you with summers? For those who work 9 to 5 year-round it’s probably not much of an issue, but for a teacher it can turn into the slippery slope of boredom.   86 more words


oooh, what a waste of time

I actually attended another baby shower last Sunday and it was for my other cousin. It was really good–the theme was Baby and Co… like Tiffany and Co–get it? 434 more words


My younger sisters were bored at home and thought drawing some eyebrows on Lucy would be hilarious. Yeah. Hilarious for everyone but the person who had to scrub off waterproof eyeliner on a spastic dog.


Nose picking


this is my new juvenile window of woeful wallowing and wearisome, wasteful witterings on what I find trivially hard about life, alongside perhaps stories of tribulations, occasional escapades and debauched pleasure. 224 more words


I had to

When life gets you down you know what you gotta do? Just keep singing, just keep singing. Just keep singing singing singing. What do we do? We sing.