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Education, ugh.

I don’t want to get up early and go to school. I want to sleep till I can’t sleep anymore. It’ll be a new quarter/semester. Fresh start, except I have to retake a math test. 117 more words


This Year Really is Going to be Different

“This year is going to be different. Really! I’m serious this time. This is going to be my year. I mean it this time.”  More than likely, you’ve probably said this a time or two. 233 more words

Long Time No Post... ?

I am alive and well.
No need to be scared by that first sentence, I just haven’t posted since last year; 2 months away from one year actually. 381 more words


So over the snow. Seriously. Cut the shit. Make it summer again.

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eye probz

Almost everything I do involves the use of a screen (computer, phone, ipad, tv, etc.) and my eyes are PISSED about it. The pain is real. 50 more words

New Blog

Bored and Brilliant

Just a small plug for an interesting project I came across today while mindlessly browsing the internet.

“Bored and Brilliant” is a project that asks participants to reconsider the amount of time they spend on their smartphones. 376 more words

Marquesas Islands

I'm a Dreamer

I dreamt another dream again. And yes, he’s in it. It was short and odd, not like my first dream, it was more realistic. Might as well just in to it. 253 more words