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What If I was 10 Years Old?

I don’t exactly remember much about being 10 years old to start with. The memories that linger are always cotton-like in my head; delicate, in tiny amount, and all over the place. 371 more words


10 Things to Do While you Wait for Baby

Boredom can crawl up your legs like a million fire ants and set your whole body on fire. It is literally one of the most all-consuming things in the world aside from love and sexual desire. 556 more words


Last Day of the Stay-Cation

Today is the last full day of our 2 month Florida get away.  Tomorrow I am heading home.  We are leaving a day early, because my beloved Patriots are in the Super Bowl, and I have to be back and settled to really enjoy the game. 709 more words


4. Netflix and a Book about Cadavers

Yeah, life has been truly dull. I have been Netflix-ing at an alarming rate lately. I’ve only had this subscription for about a month, and in that small speck of time I have watched: 398 more words


A New Day ..yawn

For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep last night. I must have woke up 5 times between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. and at that point I was awake and figured screw it, I’m showering, making coffee and get the kids lunches together.  869 more words

Bored in the USA

I’ve been told my blog makes it seem like I live in the past with no focus on the future but that’s not true. I remember the past, I live in the now, and I wonder what the future brings. 481 more words