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Boredom busters

So many times I feel that my problems start with me being bored. If I am bored, I think. Thinking is what leads to trouble for me. 211 more words


I have been watching your feed again. Why does my eye still follow you? I have dark fears. What if I exposed too much?
People who needed as much help as we did, who clung to one another like two stripes, how do they part ways? 175 more words

In Defense of Boring Films

Just the other night I watched Terence Malick’s film The New World with my family. A poetic and beautiful reimagining of the legendary romance of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas, it was a remarkable cinematic journey to undertake, as we found ourselves whisked off a land of profound magic, spirituality and humanity. 1,617 more words


I Won't Risk It

Do I deserve to get fired? The last two times I cut I ended up bumping my arm. If someone saw it then I would’ve gotten fired. 76 more words

My Life

The Cubs and Rockies spelled out their names using Gatorade cups on the dugout fence

Because sometimes being in the dugout during baseball games gets a bit boring, the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies began sending secret code messages spelling their names on the fences of their dugouts. 110 more words


Screaming Internally

I’ve been blackballed at my job since April 1st. My former boss is a very high ranking government official and I finally lost my sanity after drowning in work for years with no relief in sight. 228 more words

Mental Illness

and the game continues on

In the back of the van,
eight hours
into a twelve hour drive,
lurching through
rush-hour traffic,
in a city
I’ve never loved,
(nor loved in) … 60 more words