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If only I had been recruited by the FBI or Illuminati or CIA at a young age....

Sometimes I feel that I must have some sort of personality or character flaw.

I get so bored with basically everything in my world I become destructive, physically, mentally, emotionally, all of it. 125 more words


You try.

I want better,
I want luxury,
I want true feelings of happiness.
Happiness is seeing the sunrise.
Happiness is waking up next to you.
Happiness is making love to you. 77 more words


Seven things to know about me

Seven things to know about me (you probably know most of them already):

1. I come home after my day and have to, how do I put it, stitch myself back together? 107 more words

Prose Poem

What to Do When You're Sitting in Class - Bored

Yep. You guessed it. I’m writing this while sitting in my Friday morning class.


Okay, maybe not bored. Just tired. Tired of listening to my organic chemistry professor ramble on and on about things he has no idea how to explain to a peon like me. 674 more words


The edge of depression?

” My depression is boring me to death, because it is not productive anymore.”

It doesn’t hurt as much anymore. Perhaps I’ve come to tolerate it. 272 more words