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Bit of thinking. Or a little too much, I guess.

I don’t really have much to write, but I’ll just kill time for now. My fingers seem happy to type a bit.

I live in a home in India beside which is HUGE unused piece of land. 453 more words


DDD: The Beginning

I’ve always found the first post of a blog to be a bit tricky to write as it’s usually more of an introductory post and therefore not really expected to include much site subject based content so here I’ll just put a little bit of info (which may become a separate FAQ page in time) about this blog. 452 more words


Don't Get Bored, he said.

David was my sponsor during my early years (2) of recovery. Here’s a look back..

Today David and I met to discuss relapse. Apparently he feels this is important. 913 more words

Alcohol Recovery

Overcoming Boredom

I don’t know why I’ve called this post ‘Overcoming Boredom’, because I haven’t overcome it yet!! Maybe it’s me being hopeful that the answers will magically present themselves as I write. 379 more words


Quote This

By  NVaughn7

I’ve always hated it when people, especially people I know and love, begin their intro (to anything) with a quote.
It instantly riles the bored, non-conformist sixteen-year old in me forced to sit through overly long speeches in the hot sun. 103 more words

Awkward Conversations

In the near future, I will deeply regret this. I was in the office, alone and bothered by my constant slackness which resulted in a multitude of overdue projects that I have freely gave in to kill myself with. 406 more words


No complaints

Hmmmm…I sit here pondering what 2 write. Not really cuz I have much 2 say, just cuz I feel like I should. At this absolute moment…there’s not a lot going on in this life of mine…nothing overly bad…nothing really great & I’m borderline thankful 4 that. 218 more words