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Borgå- Porvoo - with the bloggers in the Archipelago- a presentation.

As you well know by now is that I traveled to the city of Borgå/Porvoo in Finland with a bunch of other bloggers. I thought that I would do a fair presentation of them (hopefully they think so to). 760 more words


Borgå- Porvoo- Turn foto into art.

Today we went to the Artfactory in Borgå. Before we where suppose to send a photo that we wanted to turn into art. This is the photo I sended. 117 more words


Borgå- Porvoo- day one- Meeting some new friends.

My body is aching but my soul is at peace. Already made new friends. This is why I love traveling.

As told before I am on a “blog-trip” to Finland and to be exact Borgå/Porvoo. 368 more words


going to Porvoo- 3 days and counting

There is a lot of planning before going on a trip. It kind of struck me today that there is as much planning for me going one week to Finland as going three months to South America, if you don´t count the vaccinationshots that hade to be taken some months ahead. 187 more words


Preparing for Porvoo with a festival guide from Zalando and some soup.

Remember that I spoke of getting a mail about a festival gudie? The festival guide from Zalando is in Swedish but covers the festivals in Europe. 198 more words