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Single Motherhood vs Being a Woman (Originally written 4.14.2011)

This is an article that originally was published in http://gozamos.com/2010/07/single-motherhood-vs-being-a-woman/, shortly after this article many things in my own life changed. This was just the beginning to a journey that has been one of growth, challenges, hope, faith, laughter and happiness. 1,142 more words

Awilda Gonzalez


Junior High School for me as it was for many a time in my life that I was changing and at a very rapid pace. Puberty was hitting me and I kind of understood what was happening to me and as far as a mental state of mind I felt like a girl. 927 more words


Puerto Rico On My Mind

Five years ago, making my way to las Tinajas in Puerto Rico.

Trekking up the river to reach a corner of the forest where rocks become natural slides. 15 more words


Cubitos de sofrito de mami


2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva

2 pimientos verde

1 puñado de ají dulce

1 cebolla

6 hojas de recao

1 puñado de cilantrillo… 69 more words


El Humano Perfecto Es Puertorriqueño.

Según un estudio de un biólogo de la Universidad de Berkeley, en California, llegó a la conclusión de que el ser humano perfecto —a nivel genético— tendría que ser puertorriqueño, gracias a su mezcla de herencia española, africana y taína. 106 more words


I Won't Dance. Don't Ask Me.

One of the biggest adjustments you make in a new culture is in the celebration of the Christmas season. My first Christmas in Puerto Rico took some getting used to. 518 more words

Puerto Rico

From One Accidental Boricua to Another

I’d like to use today’s post to pay tribute to another “Accidental Boricua” – Christina Beckles, the fearless founder of The Sato Project. Today is the third anniversary of the Sato Project, an organization dedicated to saving the stray dogs or “satos” that are left to die at Playa Lucia, or Dead Dog Beach as it is more commonly and shamefully known. 489 more words

Puerto Rico