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Weekend(ing) My Way

“Hey, what plans for this weekend?” – Well, apparently this is the question that makes me so annoyed every single frigging week. My answer to this question has always remained “nah, nothing special”. 426 more words


A long cold walk.

I just got back from taking a long cold walk with my daughter, her friend, and my niece! It was fun! Not so relaxing with the kids complaining about how cold it was, my daughters friend constantly talking, and yeah it was cold! 55 more words


What’s your boredom threshold? Can you count it in days? Weeks? Months? Or are you more like me – seconds?

I’ve always been the same. I was born bored. 1,007 more words

Man Man - On Oni Pond

I was being nice the first time around – but no more ‘kid glove’ treatment!

This this is an unbridled mess of Modest Mousery mingled with the mangey by-product of an entire Collective of ‘animals’. 26 more words


Amount: (n) a quantity of something, typically the total of a thing or things in number.

Amount does not exist.

For somewhere between kindergarten and adulthood, we forget how to count. 208 more words

A Words

Boring Blog Post

I used to write a night. I used to stay up till God knows when and that’s when my ideas were at their best. Now, I just can’t do it. 167 more words


Be right not so back

I’m working and literally 3 hours of sleep time really push me past the breaking point . I m hunting for some time always , to connect with “other” part of the world and make me feel less lonely. 376 more words