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April 24th (8th grade science)

Boring day
Have students complete a worksheet and then watch a science video. yup.
Some students did not finish the worksheet… “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”.

Picking up dirty clothes

Some dirty clothes were lying on the table in one of the rooms of my house. I picked the clothes and carried it to the washing machine. 11 more words


Bad bad bad

Well, I have a book I recommend that you DO NOT read. It is the biggest waste of time- you WILL be disappointed. Unless you like sappy, unrealistic love bull. 497 more words

Feeling thirsty and lazy

I was sitting on the chair eating pizza when I started feeling thirsty. My mouth was feeling dry. I did not want to get up. So I kept eating the pizza. Eventually the pizza got finished.


Well. I left like an hour after schedule (not bad)! Got back to my term time address and was so tired that I even left the keys in the door until my flatmate stumbled in later that evening. 311 more words


Saving to Investing

Savings is just as important as getting groceries or doing everyday chores, but just remember that you should have sum of money for that “worst case scenario”, “an education savings plan” or retirement. 154 more words

Investment Tools

When does this get fun?

You’ve had friends ask that, right? “When does this get fun?” or “When do I start enjoying this?”

The assumption is that some things are inherently fun and we will get there eventually — we’ll figure out the secret password to find the fun.   798 more words

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