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And so the pushing commences!

When people don’t trust you it’s because of these two things and these two things only:

1. You have a history of being not nice and they don’t want to make a choice out of fear. 60 more words

Little Bit of Nothing

I felt like I needed to update my blog sorry because i’ve had a major case of writers block, so this post is just going to be me updating anyone who’s reading it about my pretty average summer. 137 more words

Got stuck in stereotyped day???

There are many times in life when the tiny monkey inside is irritated and screaming to get out and do something that gives energy and enthusiasm in life back. 703 more words


You were to stop picking out the faults of others, stop complaining and being such a wet blanket in all our lifes (mine at least), maybe you’ll live happier and have lesser problems in life.


11 Habits Of Extremely Boring People

11 Habits Of Extremely Boring People

Article source: https://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/11-habits-extremely-boring-people-170200068.html

We fear boredom — that we might be bored or, even worse, bore others.

One example: In a recent University of Virginia… 888 more words


Beneath The Planet of the Apes Review

I’ve never liked the Planet of the Apes franchise. It wasn’t terrible, but the films just weren’t for me. I mean, a series where the main villains are Apes? 1,855 more words

Live Action Movies

Day 1 "I'm bored"

My plan of attack, Ive decided, is to get up and out early doors. Cue frantic bag packing this morning, with everything but the kitchen sink, I’d belted all three amigos into the car by 9.16am, duly informing them that the mantra for the day would most certainly be “fun, fun, fun”, (whilst i added a quiet “Fuck” for myself at the end). 437 more words