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Re: George Dyson: The birth of the computer

I think this ted talk was boring it didn’t appeal to me at all like he had gave a lot of information that to me was boring like I wouldn’t build my own computer because that’s alot of work to build your own computer and plus half the time of this ted talk i was very confused and I was lost but he was tryna get viewers to consider it was very strange I really didn’t enjoy this ted talk.

Ted Talk


So you might be thinking what is NAPFA. It’s not a contest I’m creating or anything. It’s actually an examination except it’s for “sports”. It’s not really sports , it just has six “categories”. 420 more words


Yellow is not always mellow.

I hate yellow highlighters. I do. Does that make me a highlighter bigot? Or a colorist? Maybe.

Yellow is a perfectly lovely color for buttercups, daffodils, and dandelions, even. 101 more words


Wasted Days

Whether it’s to avoid being sad, to distract myself, to start moving on, or even to accomplish all three, I have been keeping myself very busy the last few weeks. 489 more words

Confession # 3: I Think Being a Christian is BORING!

As a Christian, sometimes you may scroll down your timeline and see everyone else “living it up.” They’re partying, entering into new romantic relationships and it appears as if they’re having the time of their lives!

500 more words

40 Days of Summer - VI

All morning and early afternoon was spent in and out of naps watching TV series on the internet, to reclaim some sleep.

Went food shopping and for a quick bike ride. 45 more words


Hey guys! I am back finally. LOL. For today’s topic, it will be on people. People i dislike. (Ranting again…oops)

First type of people i really dislike is those who refuse to admit their errors. 314 more words