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The Birth

Over the weekend my oldest daughter went into labor and gave birth to my fifth grandchild.

When Linda and I arrived in Dallas on Friday, she was already having some contractions. 189 more words


Walk in the Holy Spirit.

The Mosaic Law could not save anyone from the sin nature. Jesus Christ made ATONEMENT (the death of Christ brings us back to God) for those who believe through PROPITIATION (appeasing the wrath of God) bringing REGENERATION (spiritually reborn) AND JUSTIFICATION (To make right) through IMPUTATION (accredit Christ’s righteousness to) and bringing RECONCILIATION (to restore). 1,002 more words


Sometimes There Are Days Like This

Just for a second,
almost between
I felt a
slipping out
of old skin,
terrifyingly, 25 more words


Resurrection is the Incorruptible Answer

New Jerusalem is a city in resurrection and therefore is incorruptible. At present corruption is all around us. There is physical corruption, such as foods spoiling, and there is moral corruption, unrighteous behavior. 301 more words

Characteristics Of New Jerusalem

Where Feet May Fail

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.”

I have never been this content. I am happy with my choices and I believe that from hereon, I will be correctly and systematically guided to whatever destination awaits me. 25 more words

Learning to Walk by the Spirit

One of the greatest challenges I’ve encountered as a believer is learning to walk in, or by, the Spirit. Though I didn’t grow up in church, I’ve been in it long enough to have heard the admonition to be led by the Spirit many times. 611 more words

Christian Life

How fruit grows • 29

Part 29 of a study on Matthew 3

Fruit can’t grow in the wrong situation or circumstances, and it’s the same with spiritual fruit, but it will thrive in the prescribed environment of faith, hope and love. 537 more words

Bible Study