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Order Up!

Our son placed this lunch order when he was six-years-old. We may have been playing restaurant or I might have been distracted and he was trying to get my attention at lunch time, but whatever the case, it’s unmistakable what he wanted for lunch: pop, ches sandwich, slomee, marikool wiep, and mustrde. 712 more words

Spiritual Growth

Impossible Stains

Impossible Stains

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Isaiah 1:2-20 

“Come now, and let us reason together,”

Says the LORD,

“Though your sins are as scarlet,

They will be as white as snow; … 353 more words



By Rick Mathes

(Author of “Allah or Jesus”)

If I were to get to know those who know you best and ask them all the questions I could think of about you, I would get to know you very well, wouldn’t I? 720 more words

Evangelical Christian

Spirituality is being born-again

Many so-called Christians live by the various conceptual thoughts and practices of Christianity; not necessarily that they have had a personal experience with Christ’s salvific power. 69 more words


A New Life - Not Notionally But Actually

We have appalling problems trying to move on in our new life if we are in churches.  Most church people are type 3 Christians, those who have never been drawn by God and do not have initial conversion, let alone new birth.  669 more words

Christian Ministry


Contrary to what some denominations believe, the God of the Old Testament, who destroyed the whole world in the Flood and commanded the slaughter of Canaanite men, women and children for their sins (Deuteronomy 7:1-2) is the same God of the New Testament who instructs us to turn the other cheek and to live in peace with all men. 423 more words


Born Again

    I walked forward

    Leaving where I was

    Paused for a moment

    And stood in the ashes

    Of what I had become.

    I was tormented

    By who I was…

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