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People Watching: Digital Natives

Pity the poor parent, 8.30am a crowded trainline.  No, not crowded, packed.  Like sardines.

And you have to take your 2 year old to day care before work. 62 more words


On Instagram Straight Flexing

Instagram is a social media site that allows its users to create a personal profile filled with photos and videos that are not in an album but able to be viewed individual.   283 more words

Digital Archive: Faces of GEMSA

As more data, documents, and files are born-digital, institutions are sorting out how to preserve these materials so they can be accessed now and in the future. 385 more words

Web Design

Week 8: Digital Information Curation in Practice

Task: You are an archive team based in an university. You work within locked down networks where you are unable to download non-approved software. A quango due to be dissolved has come to you with their records, most of which are born digital. 189 more words


“Digital Natives” is the label used to define anyone born after 1980 (when social technologies came online) in my book, Born Digital by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser. 1,699 more words

Makie Dolls

Makies are 3D printed dolls. User customizes the doll’s facial features in MakieLab web service after which the doll is printed and shipped. Through the service, additional clothes and accessories are also available. 160 more words

Mini Case Studies