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Born Digital 
Born digital objects are created digitally and have no analog equivalent.

Many digital objects become obsolete due to technological advances.  When referring to digital objects, obsolescence often actually describes the obsolescene of playback machines such as PCs with the ability to read floppy disks, Betamax players, and other such specific playback machines. 253 more words

The Archives in Alien: Isolation

I’m really enjoying exploring Sevastopol station in Alien: Isolation, or rather getting brief chances when the alien is out of sight…

Stumbling across the station’s archives was a treat as now working within archives myself it was interesting to see archives from a sci-fi perspective complete with digital mobile shelving in a circular room. 100 more words

Digital Heritage

When data becomes the business

The speaker roaster for IBM Insight 2014 looks impressive, and very “big data” oriented: Terry Jones – founder of Travelocity.com & Kayak.com and ex-CIO of Sabre, Netflix’ big data production House of Cards’s Frank Underwood – I mean, Kevin Spacey – and these are only the keynote speakers. 293 more words