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Today in Madonna History: January 13, 2012

On January 12 2012, Cynthia McFadden asked Madonna, during a Good Morning America interview, for her opinion of the Lady Gaga song, Born This Way… 176 more words


Lady Gaga, “Born This Way.”

No doubt, her heart is in the right place, but the message that social identities are natural and god-given is highly questionable.

Let's start with a confession...

Hello Dazzlers and happy (nearly) weekend! Today I’m doing a rehash and updated version of my very first blog post – it’s an important one to revisit. 415 more words


Born This Way


I took the phrase for this article from an interview with Dr. Rosario Butterfield. The context is homosexuality. For years, the gay community has been telling the world that they are born with same sex desire. 945 more words


A Message for the Oppositionist Mind (A Journey to Coming Out, Part 1)

About four years ago, I have made a choice to try and start dating guys in secret. This secret dating and relationships went on for three years until I decided to come out to some people in the year 2013, and obviously, not everyone was positive about this. 380 more words


youtube comments on lady gaga vids are such a shitstorm

i love lady gaga’s ‘born this way’ so i watched the video today. it was great. afterward, i wanted to read comments echoing my pleased sentiments about the video, stuff like “fuck yeah, she has amazing moves and pipes for a skinny white chick” or “the sci-fi short film at the start of the video is awesome” or “i love how dark and strange the video is, in contrast to how poppy and fun the song is.” 135 more words

Be a Lady..

Stand up straight, speak softly, walk tall, eat smaller portions, stop swearing, don’t laugh so loudly, wear more colours and dresses, just stop being such a hooligan!… 22 more words