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Born Today 24 January

You have an excellent chance to heal deep and long-term wounds this coming year, dear Aquarius; you are on an extraordinary wavelength right now, sensitive to interaction to such a degree that you feel the slightest shift in the atmosphere–and it’s this sensitivity that can stir both the empathy needed to repair relationships and the patience needed to be gentle in salving your own injuries. 146 more words


Born Today 23 January

You have successfully thrown off past constraints, dear Aquarius, and now the question may be, will you use this new, freed-up energy to finally tackle what you’ve previously put aside, will you deal with some particular rage you carry, or will you use this energy to create, in some spectacular and significant way? 103 more words


Born Today 22 January

You may be torn between two modes of Being this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Aquarius: on the one hand you may be solidly rooted in reality and proud of it, and on the other hand, the emotional nature beckons you toward the ultimate inspirational experience, from which you believe the creative will flow. 183 more words


Born Today 21 January

Dear Aquarius, this year you may be looking to take charge of your reality, to create exactly the real-world atmosphere you feel is ideal–and you may be able to plan for it, to set the foundations for it, though implementing it (at least, implementing it completely) may have to wait. 148 more words


Born Today 20 January

Yes, this year your birthday coincides with a New Moon, dear Aquarius, promising new starts and a fresh outlook–but the real action happens in two specific areas: in freeing your most unique qualities, your sense of originality, from the past and any burdens or restraints previously imposed, and in facing what you’ve been ignoring or denying so that your creativity can finally come out from under the shadow cast by other factors that have stolen and squandered that creative energy. 124 more words


Author of "Face to Face With Christ My Saviour” - born


Carrie Ellis Breck was born 1/22/1855 at Walden, VT.  Her family moved to NJ where she married Frank Breck; somewhere between 1910-1920 the new couple moved to Oregon.  120 more words


Born Today 18 January

What is it that you’re waiting for, dear Capricorn? It’s instinctive, this pause, this holding of breath, this listening and hearing . . . nothing. You are responding correctly if you are in stillness mode–and you aren’t meant to hear anything right now; no message awaits, no life direction beckons. 137 more words