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Born Today 23 July

This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, may be brimming with optimism and opportunity for you, dear Leo–and is it any wonder, because you’re on the verge of taking a huge step forward in either the area of Self-expression or in one or more matters of the House with Leo on the cusp and/ or that holds your Sun. 93 more words


Born Today 22 July

You’re on the verge of big big things, my dear Cancer–or are you a Leo? The Sun changes sign today, but no matter, this projection applies to you both equally–a veritable orgy of abundance and opportunity will be yours–just as long as you don’t harm, wound, or hobble anyone else. 87 more words


Born Today 21 July

Dear Cancer, you can feel luck, fortune, and an expanded world so near, can’t you? But you’re going to have to spend a good part of your year between this birthday and the next waiting, and then you’ll have to do some important planning and networking–and the toughest part may be that much of what goes on with you will be very visible, even public, so that you’re aware of your every choice seen and perhaps scrutinized by others. 90 more words


Born Today 20 July

Action in partnership is the key concept for you this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Cancer; artistic efforts, cooperative ventures, and financial situations involving others may get the Crab’s share of your attention for this period–and it won’t be easy to deal with. 108 more words


Born Today 19 July

Dear Cancer, is that any way to celebrate a birthday? You seem to be pushing yourself so hard, pushing to go, to do, to create the perfect partnership, to cooperate flawlessly, to be a Warrior for all you care about–it’s exhausting! 185 more words


It’s In Their Eyes

Born just a few hours ago, this chick looks up at me, trying to make sense out of what she is seeing. Snuggled next to her mother, safe in a soft, straw bed, she has it made. 149 more words

About My Chickens

Born Today 18 July

Happy Birthday, dear Cancer! It’s all about some combination of home, values, life commitments, and the mate or partner, this coming Solar year–and more than likely revelations and change that come about along these lines will arise from the dust of conflict and disparities between what you’ve told others you want and where you’re really headed. 135 more words