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Places I Want To Visit

Hi again!

I’m really, really bored and I really, really feel like writing something once again. So I’m back. I have big thing for travelling and even though the furthest I’ve been so far is to Turkey, which is a 3 hour flight, I would love to see the world. 735 more words


Oh for the Sailing Life!

Leaving Kota Kinbalu in a shared taxi, we travel three and a half hours inland to the Tip of Borneo – or close to it, at Kudat. 509 more words

Sailing Adventure

Orangutans and the Great Ape Conservation Fund

Earlier this month, I wrote about Sandra, an orangutan at the Buenos Aires Zoo and a landmark ruling on animal rights. I am following up with more information about the natural history of orangutans and additional positive stories of the environment from which they directly benefit. 644 more words

Environmental Journalism

Caterpillar in Borneo Uses Tree Resin to Construct Cocoon

A research team led by Professor William Symondson from Cardiff University has discovered a new caterpillar in Borneo that makes its cocoon out of flakes of dried resin — a sticky substance exuded from trees that hardens over time. 544 more words

Insects In The News

Australian university urged to sever ties with Sarawak’s elite

A top conservation group based in Tasmania is urging the University of Adelaide to dissociate itself from the ruling elite of Sarawak after a book exposed the corruption behind the destruction of tropical rainforests of Sarawak in the province of Borneo, Malaysia. 627 more words

Social Justice

Dreamtel is the new hotel

Despite the Disney connotations for Westerners, Hotel Dreamtel in Kota Kinbalu, Malaysia is sleekly modern in design and of international standard, devoid of any of the frills and flourishes one might expect from the name. 741 more words