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Survivor Borneo RECAP: "Cow goes MOO" (Season , Episode 6)

This episode got me thinking more about how the first season of Survivor, is so different from the future of the franchise. Heck, even compare Borneo and The Australian Outback, and you will see a massive difference. 645 more words


Nostalgic time: Derawan, 2012

This is my partner.

And we met another new friends in Balikpapan.

Accidentally, they had similar flight to Berau on the first day we met. And surprisingly, they had similar flight day when we went back to Balikpapan on the last day. 281 more words

from a place in 2012. And I stil can not move on.

This fish was been caught by people who went fishing with fishing thread.

Top 5 things to do when meeting monkeys

Travelling teaches you to over-prepare for everything, but how prepared can you be when coming face-to-face with wild monkeys?

On a recent trip to Malaysian Borneo, my picture-perfect beach paradise was interrupted by some sneaky visitors.

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Mount Kinabalu: View from the top

Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo, was a physically and mentally challenging experience. But, with sky-high views and fresh mountain air, the journey is more than worth it. 36 more words


Mount Kinabalu: It's the climb

Challenging, breathtaking and empowering — climbing Borneo’s Mount Kinabalu is a must do.

Located roughly a two hour drive out of Borneo’s capital, rises the ever-present summit of Mount Kinabalu.

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Kalimantan: Orangutans & Monkeys

The biggest draw of the Kalimantan area is the orangutans living in the area.  The word orangutan actually comes from Indonesian (I bet you didn’t know you had an Indonesian word in your vocabulary! 216 more words