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Welcome to the Jungle

Hey so this is the first time I’ve written here. I am doing a placement with an NGO in the Bornean jungle, it sounds so romantic, and it does live up. 2,088 more words

Orangutan Finding

I started to lose my confidence in the search for orangutans for a while, since I couldn’t find any for a long time. BUT NOW FINALLY I just found my first one; beautiful Gismo! 170 more words


Invertebrate of the Week #5 - Opadometa sp.

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Labuan eyes global Muslim investors

KUALA LUMPUR: Labuan International Business and Financial Centre Inc Sdn Bhd (Labuan IBFC) has introduced its new product, Islamic wealth management, to meet the demand by Muslim and non-Muslim businessmen seeking Islamic way of managing their wealth. 362 more words


Dial M for Monkey!!

Borneo is know for more than orang utans, it is also the home of the Proboscis Monkey.

The Proboscis Monkey is distinguished by a red nose, which is rather like a clowns nose for the males. 443 more words


Kepala Gurung, My Second Homeland

Ngebahas desa temen dari hulu ke hilir desa sendiri malah belum terbahas, haha. Perkenalkan kampung halaman kedua saya : Desa Kepala Gurung.

Desa Kepala Gurung terletak di Kecamatan Mentebah, sekitar 2 jam perjalanan darat dari Putussibau. 403 more words



KOTA KINABALU: Against a backdrop of growing resentment towards Putrajaya over its continued silence on the findings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on legalised illegals, its involvement in Southern Philippines and handling of security issues, Chief Minister Musa Aman’s said his immediate aspiration is for Sabahans to ‘unite and seek a common platform’ on matters they disagree on.