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Lament for Boromir

By J.R.R Tolkien from The Lord Of The Rings

Mighty and  fierce was Boromir the son of Denethor. Noble and Gracious was Boromir  for he was of noble birth.Strong and weak was Boromir for he was but a man. 449 more words

I Like

Sean Bean Wallpaper

Here’s to Sean Bean everyone! I think he’s a fantastic actor and I absolutely adored his roles in both The Lord of the Rings and  62 more words

The Lord Of The Rings

The Ranking of the Fellowship

September is almost over! (Can you believe it?) That means I only have a couple more days to talk about my favourite LOTR characters! So, as a brief overview, here’s how much I love each member of the Fellowship of the Ring, from least to greatest: 1,389 more words

4/9 of the Fellowship

I have not made each Fellowship member.  I plan on making others in the future, but for now here are 4 of the Fellowship of the Ring members. 178 more words