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Road Trip 2014: The Road Goes...

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,

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Zion National Park

One Does Not Simply Play Dead Gods

Lately I have been playing Monte Cook’s Dead Gods super module to Planescape, that he wrote back in 1997. It is a module filled with intestering ideas and concepts using the Planescape setting to its fullest – and also in a sense revealing how Monte got the ideas for Numenera. 585 more words


My Captain

Boromir lies struck by three black feathered-shafts; his hands are clenched and he finds himself struggling to breathe. Aragorn, battle-weary and bloody rushes and stumbles over to him. 314 more words


One Does Not Simply Walk Under Illefarn

After several evenings of storming the dungeons of The Temple of Elemental Evil we decided to put the module to a rest since not too much happened, as the dungeons were deadly and it kept being supplied by new monsters, forcing the players to deal with areas they had already explored. 108 more words


One Does Not Simply Walk into Temple of Elemental Evil

This blog has been quiet for all too long. I shall attempt to raise it from its slumber, as have not been quiet regarding roleplaying. Revently I have explored Temple of Elemental Evil with my homebrewed OSR Hinterlandet (The Hinterlands). 73 more words


Connection #5

It seems impossible to relate to the characters/story in the fantasy world of Middle Earth, simply because it’s fiction and that chapters four to seven had much to do with fantasy (being chased by orcs, your wizard friend being taken down by a flamed shadowy figure, and sleepovers at an Elven city). 263 more words

Fellowship Of The Ring

Passage #4

Unfortunately last week’s Passage was skipped, so there’s no Passage #3, thejonathanrichter is kind of sorry.(not really though)

[“Seek . . . stand.”] :

This passage is said in Boromir’s dream that (apparently his brother had the same dream as well) explains a lot about the plot at hand. 181 more words

Fellowship Of The Ring