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Lone Ranger, or, The Boson Speaks

Lone Ranger, or, The Boson Speaks

That which has no substance
enters where there is no space.

No signs of a lone Higgs particle have been detected in previous experiments. 556 more words


Physics for Non-Physicists: Decay Widths

While cross sections tell us how strong the interactions are between different types of particles, there is another quantity – the decay width – which tells us how quickly the decay of an unstable particle is likely to happen. 786 more words


Could new investigations lead to a fifth law of nature?

Within the existing laws and models within physics there are four forces which have been proven to occur. Gravity is probably the most obvious, as on Earth if we drop an object it will always fall to the floor. 932 more words

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Science Explained: What Is The Higgs Boson?

The Higgs Boson, or also known as the God Particle, is a subatomic particle whose existence is predicted by the theory that unified the weak and electromagnetic interactions. 887 more words


Higgs Boson

If you have ever wondered about particle physics and searched the internet about it the first thing that will catch your sight is the Higgs Boson, proposed by Peter Higgs, the… 804 more words