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How Three Guys With $10K and Decades-Old Data Almost Found the Higgs Boson First - Wired

“Figuring out what happened in a collider is like trying to figure out what your dog ate at the park yesterday. You can find out, but you have to sort through a lot of shit to do it.”




Yeah, I met Giggs
He was a bosun wasn’t he?
Plying the East India route
Yeah, that’s right
Rebooting the particle smasher he was. 115 more words


Quantum Indians - A Tribute to 3 Great Scientists

When CV Raman got the Noble prize, he cried on the stage stating “I am coming from a country which does not have its own flag and I cannot even call myself a free Indian”. 111 more words


Sobre Ptolomeu com analogia atual

Ptolomeu, dado como nascido no ano 90 desenvolveu uma ótima e precisa teoria de movimentação celeste, explicou o movimento de todos os planetas e do sol. 112 more words


The Dance of Shiva

Many have sought the link between particle physics and the ancient writings of the Hindu Vedas. This is my version which includes an explanation for the mechanism of time:

The Dance of Shiva v5


Introduction to Particle Physics Part 3: Order from chaos – the Standard Model arrives

Having thought our knowledge of the makeup of the universe complete, physics turned its attention elsewhere. Or at least, until something was found in the 1930s that shocked everyone: a new type of particle streaming in from space – the… 458 more words

Higgs Boson