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Why Do We Take Pictures As We Do?

I seem to be undergoing a downward spiraling, questioning period.

Not that I’ll stop taking photos, but I feel like I have to think about my photography right now.  85 more words

Once Upon A Time I Took More Bird Photos

One day I decided to sell my Canon 400mm L lens, realizing I was leaving it home way because of weight.  I tried a few other lenses, but was never satisfied in some way, usually because of total camera/lens weight, or weight distribution. 126 more words

In a Land Far, Far Away

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I painted a little.  Then I gave it up, for I was dissatisfied.

My art teacher wasn’t impressed, I recall.   116 more words

Monday After Work, Time For Monochrome Madness, Wk 7

I have 5 images set aside for this challenge.  I’m allowing them to ripen with age and see if they grow on me, like mold on cheese, I guess. 43 more words

Sometimes, "I Feel Like..." (do you remember the song title?)

I guess you, gentle reader, would have to be of a certain vintage to remember Country Joe and the Fish, along with their “I Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag” song. 146 more words

Five Years On WordPress

WP tells me it’s been 5 years since I registered.  In that time I’ve probably had 5 different blogs and probably thought of changing them around 105 times.   149 more words

Those Little Mysteries

Do you take photos of things you see because of the little mystery involved, that unanswerable question that comes to mind?  I do, especially when I find it visually appealing, then spend some amount of time thinking of answers to the question. 302 more words