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Three Characteristics Of The Best Boss One Could Ever Work For (2006)

1. One who “actually” knows what they are doing.

2. One who never asks you to do anything, that they hadn’t done before.

3. One who is “human”. 29 more words


kick push

He shares a bathroom with 6 dudes. Hot Pockets are his favorite food group. He doesn’t seperate his laundry. Skater boys are what it is. 228 more words


I Quit! Should I quit?!

retty sure some past post has the same title, but it’s always a fun one to resurrect.

Every time I see the words “I Quit” the scene from… 1,185 more words

I've Been Thinking...

"Now get your ass over here!!!" By Sasha at her kitchen table

Saturday October 18, 2014
5 minutes
Advanced Italian Grammar
Marcel Danesi

“Alan! Get your ass over here!!!” Bernie has one of those voices you hope you’ll never have to hear at seven ten in the God damn morning. 151 more words

kMS ver 1.2.222 - Rankings and New Videos!

Hey guys! This is just a post letting you know I’m still uploading some cool videos on my YouTube channel, like the one above featuring one of… 170 more words