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Theoretical Assessment: The Narrative-Dissertative Method

Over the course of the semester, we have read a number of authors who put forth their individual theories regarding the epistemology of history. Theory, in history, attempts to look at history in a broad sense and attempts to find patterns which will clue the historian into what he or she can know, versus what he or she can only stipulate. 1,852 more words


Understanding SPIN in the Revolutionary War

Click on the Tellagami and listen.

Now click on the comment box and tell us what you think.  What did Paul Revere want the people of Boston to do?  Was he successful?

4th Grade

Chuck Baldwin -- Patriots Then And Now

Tomorrow, April 19, is Patriot’s Day. On this day in 1775, about 70 men stood armed on Lexington Green as over 800 British troops descended on the town in route to Concord for the purpose of seizing a cache of arms known to be stored there and arresting two outspoken proponents of… 636 more words

A Narrative of the Late Massacre

Background of the American Revolution

Following an incident in Boston, the selectmen of the town order a report sent to England.

I have been in constant panic, since I heard of troops assembling in Boston, lest the madness of mobs, or the interference of soldiers, or both, when too near each other, might occasion some mischief difficult to be prevented or repaired, and which might spread far and wide… 7,915 more words

American History

Working Thesis and Outline for Assignment two

Our first assignment was one which encouraged us to compare how a subject of our choice was presented in a variety of source types; textbook, scholarly journal, first hand account. 997 more words


The Boston Incident

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre. In 1770, things got  bit heated one evening, and when it was over, the first blood of the Revolution had been spilled… 231 more words