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1 1/2 Days in Boston

After visiting Salem, I spent the rest of the afternoon and a chunk of the next day exploring Boston. It was my first time in the city and I wanted to see all the historic sites I learned about in school and visit all the hipster places I’d been told about. 583 more words


American Revolution Review

For Tuesday and Wednesday we will be reviewing the American Revolution for our CBA Test on Thursday.

The following slides cover most of the information you will need to know. 53 more words

Weinmann's Class

Today In Class: The Boston Massacre

Today we continued on with the topic of the Boston Massacre.

Essential Question:

Why would the Boston Massacre unite the colonies against the British? 251 more words


The Freedom Trail Part #4 - Old State House, Boston Massacre Site & Faneuil Hall - Boston, MA

For Part #3, click here

If you’re on a budget and can only go on one of the ‘pay for admission’ tours, I recommend the Old State House/Boston Massacre Site.   166 more words


Boston Massacre

This print by Paul Revere passed along all the colonies. It portrayed a scene where it looked like the British guards were a firing squad-which was not exactly the truth. 10 more words

American Revolution

March 5, 1770: "Massacre" or "Incident"?

The events that occurred the evening of March 5, 1770 are referred to as “The Boston Massacre” by Americans and “The Incident on King Street” by the British.   741 more words

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