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A Narrative of the Late Massacre

Background of the American Revolution

Following an incident in Boston, the selectmen of the town order a report sent to England.

I have been in constant panic, since I heard of troops assembling in Boston, lest the madness of mobs, or the interference of soldiers, or both, when too near each other, might occasion some mischief difficult to be prevented or repaired, and which might spread far and wide… 7,915 more words

American History

Working Thesis and Outline for Assignment two

Our first assignment was one which encouraged us to compare how a subject of our choice was presented in a variety of source types; textbook, scholarly journal, first hand account. 997 more words

Assigned Journal Entries

The Boston Incident

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre. In 1770, things got  bit heated one evening, and when it was over, the first blood of the Revolution had been spilled… 231 more words


5 March 1770

The Boston Massacre occurred 5 March 1770. John Adams counted his role in defending the British Troops as his highest courtroom success.


ON THIS DATE in 1770, British troops shot and killed seventeen-year-olds Samuel Maverick and James Caldwell, plus three others, in what came to be called the Boston Massacre. 275 more words

History: The Boston Massacre--America Begins The Fight

It happened on Boston Commons–five people killed, including the first to die–Crispus Attucks–a black man.

It signaled the push by the colonies to become –ultimately–The United States of America. 45 more words


Events in American & English Language History & Popular Culture March 1 – 12

March 1:

The famous 19th Century American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was born on March 1, 1803 in Boston, MA. Emerson is one of the most famous writers of the American Transcendentalism movement of the 19th Century. 1,144 more words