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No, I am not a pug!

Yes, Missy is small and cute and yes she is fawn and black but no she is not a Pug! If you walk into any shop on the high street at the moment you are almost guaranteed to find a t-shirt, jumper or scarf adorned with the most adorable picture of a little snub nosed pup. 334 more words


Whew it's hot ! Gabby Hayes and Lykken Trails, SoCal, Palm Springs and Desert Palm

Over Thanksgiving I had the chance to drive down to Palm Desert to visit Chico’s favorite playmate, Maggie the Boxer.  Those two will play for hours on end, it’s like they are afraid to be the first to give in and lay down!!! 982 more words

Boston Terriers

Canine Culinary Explorations - A Cautious Marriage Between Me and My Dogs

Human Foods or Food in general, has been around for ages. Duh, right? As have Dogs. Some culinary explorations are dangerous for my 2 Boston Terriers but most hold the same fascination for them, as they do for me. 1,914 more words


Moral Compass

On how we are surviving “pre”winter:

I feel like a firefly in the night, tapping away at my phone with one finger while Olive puffs away lost in a dream under the covers, in the middle of the night. 598 more words

Pure Serendipity

My Ideal Dog

Obviously, my spirit animal is a Poodle: Beauty & Brains.

But the dog to complement me is short-haired, wrinkly, & a muscle machine. Pit Bull, Pug, Boston Terrier? 34 more words


Pug Life. Thank-you Anton Taylor

I have wanted to get a friend for our legendary Snowy Dawg for ages now.  I fell in the love with the idea of having a Boston Terrier and planned to find one to give the kids in the December holidays so that we could spend time with the puppy and ease it into this crazy Tribe.   343 more words