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Cricket is My Lesbian Bitch Wingman

Whenever I have the dogs on leash, I use Cricket to get some cute men’s attention. I say “Get em Cricket” and she runs her little fat butt up right next to the guy and matches him stride for stride. 52 more words


Izzi has a nose for famous people!

Izzi was walking along by the University of Greenwich today when she made a beeline for two pretty ladies, one in a bright pink coat and the other all smartly dressed in grey with fabulous short grey/white hair. 49 more words

Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier loose at Hills Beach in Biddeford, Maine. I’m pretty sure Maine has leash laws but very few people every actually follow them.


A boys best friend.

Rocco has been our sons best friend since the day we got him. Being an only child life was lonely sometimes for our little guy. No one to play with, bored on rainy days and no one to snuggle with in bed, because the cats were scared of him. 228 more words

Puppy School

Class 1. Sit, watch, walk.

It’s only fair that having spent a disproportionate £ per inch on our chewing bundle of Bugglette that we protect our investment and embark on ‘life skills for puppies’ to make sure Poe is socialised, well behaved and safe to take out and about with out causing harm to others or of course herself. 284 more words

Sunday 2007

Something I realized while working on this anniversary series of posts is that I more strongly associate the events with the days of the week than the dates. 125 more words

Today's Bangle

The Boston Terrier that LOVES water.

The first month we had Rocco we went on a vacation to Tofino, B.C. If you don’t know, Tofino is Canada’s Hawaii; beautiful sandy beaches and palm trees. 233 more words