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Nimitz Trail Tilden Regional Park, Bay Area

Some people with dogs poo poo this trail because it is both paved and On Leash for the first 4 miles of it. However, The Nimitz Trail has some of the most stunning views of the Bay Area! 733 more words

Boston Terriers

Whew it's hot ! Gabby Hayes and Lykken Trails, SoCal, Palm Springs and Desert Palm

Over Thanksgiving I had the chance to drive down to Palm Desert to visit Chico’s favorite playmate, Maggie the Boxer.  Those two will play for hours on end, it’s like they are afraid to be the first to give in and lay down!!! 982 more words

Boston Terriers

sweet jellybean

*this is NOT a giving of thanks post – in fact, it may be depressing…..you have been warned*

Last week we had to put the dog in my avatar to sleep. 1,315 more words

Timmy and the Turkey Neck

He’s the tiniest of them all at 10 lbs. and the oldest at 13 or 14. We actually don’t know how old he is because he was a puppy mill dog whom we adopted. 301 more words

Redwood Regional- Northern California Bay Area East Ridge Trail/Prince Road/ Stream Trail.

I was under the weather yesterday but hit the trail with Chico and a friend anyway, and it made me feel better! We did a 5 mile loop in Redwood Regional Nor Cal, Bay Area. 170 more words

Boston Terriers