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Ambergris Tincture

Ambergris is a unique ingredient for the natural perfumer, being by far the most effective exalting fixative available. It will enhance almost every blend, the difference being like moving from a two dimensional picture to a three dimensional image. 95 more words

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Old Wood (Ouhout) Essential Oil

Adam Michael’s aromatic description: The top note consists of a plethora of turpentine pine notes, quite a harsh opening that fades in strength and intensity very quickly. 170 more words

Natural Perfume

Fire Tree Essential Oil

The aroma of Fire Tree essential oil is floral, sweet boozy, super fruity with medicinal, leather and fresh woody undertones. To me it has similarities in aroma profile to Davana. 117 more words

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Release by Hope Russell Nunki

Hope says: “Release is a multi-faceted story, with Mandelyn and Henry’s loss of Theodore at its heartbreaking, yet ultimately life-affirming center.”

I’m in the process of finishing several fragrances for a book called, Release by Hope Nunki Russell. 100 more words

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Mint Light Leaf Absolute

Mint Absolute is olive green in colour, of a pourable viscosity and produced by solvent extracting the aerial parts of Mentha piperita. Production takes place largely across France although I have recently sampled American material which aromatically speaking is equally good. 96 more words

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Goji Berry Absolute

The aroma of Goji Absolute is initially dry, followed by red plum jam and wild strawberry sweet notes infused with cinnamon sticks, honey and burnt toast notes and all of exceptional tenacity. 92 more words

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Coconut CO2 Extract


The aroma is very heavy, coconut sweet, coconut fresh, coconut creamy, coconut nutty, with a buttery/fatty texture. This material is solid at room temperature and requires warmth for 4-6 minutes before turning liquid. 47 more words

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