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Melissa Isolates Blend

This blend is the result of nature and technology. The idea behind Melissa blend is to provide a cost effective solution to those who wish to incorporate the aroma of natural Melissa into products such as candles, soaps and even perfumes. 68 more words

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Frankincense Carteri co2

Frankincense Carteri CO2 (SELECT)

In my humble opinion this is vintage smelling Somalia material. I personally prefer the smell of this CO2 select extract to the steam distilled material as I think the CO2 captures the carteri species in its truest and purest form. 58 more words

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Galbanol Natural Isolate

Galbanol Natural Isolate (Galbanum Fractions)

Reminiscent of galbanum, very green, very intense, combined with a watery, earthy and ozonic character. Obtained by rectification of galbanum essential oil, light yellow in colour and used in fragrance and cosmetic applications. 18 more words

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Benzyl Acetate Natural Isolate

Benzyl Acetate Natural Isolate (Ylang Fractions)

Benzyl Acetate can be obtained cheaply as naturally occurring constituent from Chinese Cinnamon aka Cassia essential oil. However although more expensive I feel this material obtained by fractionation of Ylang Ylang essential oil is aromatically superior and luxurious. 36 more words

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November News...

I am excitedly expecting a beautiful, fragrant shipment of hand made, custom made, beautifully made soaps from my favorite soap maker, Rebecca Silence of Ballerina Farmer Aromatherapy… 236 more words


Review of Little Black Dress

Cori from Well Beauty Blog has reviewed Little Black Dress

What is it with me and woodsy florals? I really can’t get enough. Little Black Dress is mix of sandalwood, jasmine, ylang ylang, and rose.

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Lovage Root co2

The aroma of Lovage Root CO2 is vegetative warm, herbaceous spicy with sweet floral nuances and all of good tenacity. Celery and Angelica notes are evident from top note through to dry down. 111 more words

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