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Experimenting with Nature

Once upon a time I really struggled with my relationships with plant life.  I had friends that would venture over and water my house plants for me.  399 more words


ASTERACEAE | Mutisias !

 M. decurrens | Rhizomatous, scandent subshrub with branched stems. Leaves 55-100 x 8-20, alternate, sessile, lanceolate, terminating in a large bifid tendril, glabrous on both surfaces or tomentose on the under surface. 246 more words


Best Of DIYs | Botanical Prints Downloads by Interior Design Blog

To continue with our “Best of” series for the summer, we thought we’;d bring back this beautiful botanical prints post which was so popular from last year.  34 more words

To take root....... the principles of a rhizome

In thinking about nets and sieves and multiplicity, and imagining the kind of menagerie of different ideas that can be built within a blog and interweaving with the web at large by connecting different spheres of knowing, I am reminded of Deleuze & Guattari’s concept of the rhizome, outlined at the opening of their 1980 book… 498 more words

A Thousand Plateaus

Best Of DIYs | Botanical Prints Downloads by Interior Design Blog

To carry on with our “Ideal of” series for the summer season, we thought we’;d deliver back this stunning botanical prints publish which was so well-known from final yr.  32 more words

Dystopia: The Botanical Garden (1/7)

For this next week or so I will be posting each piece from my series titled “Dystopia: The Botanical Garden”. The series is a study on dark science fiction themes presented by notable works of literature and film in the past decade. 304 more words