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Lord What Fools These Mortals Be!

To the Crew,

Good views up at Cabrillo.  Reptiles are on the move so you have chances to appreciate their iridescence.  We had the pleasure of observing a rattlesnake eat a lizard outside the break room last week.  1,643 more words


Spring (tree) flowers!

Ahh spring! Spring comes with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Spring comes with sunny days mixed with the occasional snow storm. Spring is the time for ephemeral flowers and bright green new plant growth. 269 more words

Matthias Shade's Suspended Flowers.

Berlin Based Photographer, Matthias Schade presents flowers suspended in the air, showing their whole form, not just the pretty blooms that we’re so used to seeing. 51 more words


M is for Mesquite

Known as the Tree of Life to the Pima Indians, the Mesquite (mess-KEET) is common in the deserts of Arizona.  There are three native species in Arizona, the Honey Mesquite, the Velvet Mesquite and the Screwbean Mesquite.   460 more words


Joseph Banks - Endeavour

We are delighted to share with you our short documentary featuring Sir David Attenborough discussing the life and legacy of Sir Joseph Banks, botanist, scientist, explorer and President of the Royal Society. 59 more words


Finding the First Flower

This post is two-fold. 

Firstly I would like to address how hard it was to find the article I was looking for. Secondly, I would like to talk about the lessons learnt from the article and the content it dealt with.  400 more words