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M is for Mesquite

Known as the Tree of Life to the Pima Indians, the Mesquite (mess-KEET) is common in the deserts of Arizona.  There are three native species in Arizona, the Honey Mesquite, the Velvet Mesquite and the Screwbean Mesquite.   457 more words


Joseph Banks - Endeavour

We are delighted to share with you our short documentary featuring Sir David Attenborough discussing the life and legacy of Sir Joseph Banks, botanist, scientist, explorer and President of the Royal Society. 59 more words


Finding the First Flower

This post is two-fold. 

Firstly I would like to address how hard it was to find the article I was looking for. Secondly, I would like to talk about the lessons learnt from the article and the content it dealt with.  400 more words

Spring at Last

by Carl Strang

My own idiosyncratic reckoning gives us 6 seasons in the Chicago area: spring, summer, fall, early winter, mid-winter and late winter. Subjectively, at least, winter seems to take up half the year, and that was truer this year than most. 131 more words



Think of Prince Albert piercings, Bowie knives and Mt Everest. These wonderful things will forever be synonymous with the men they’re named after. While no doubt Freud would have something complicated to say about this kind of thing, it cannot be denied that having the worlds highest mountain named after you would be great for the ego! 229 more words


Bryce Canyon National Park

A wonderland of fiery rock formations mixed with rich evergreen forests and meadows, Bryce Canyon National Park preserves some truly amazing natural features in southern Utah. 645 more words


A Toast To Earth Day

Stranger in a Strange Land

In early 19th century America, a strange man was walking the land. He had a scraggly beard, dressed in rough burlap, slept in barns, and most people thought of him as a dirty vagrant. 775 more words