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Fiona Must Not Fail


Fiona Phillips’ grandfather is seriously injured when a fire breaks out in his studio. The fire also destroys some precious paintings of rare flowers. Fiona sets out to help replace the artwork by travelling the country to look for 10 of the rarest plants to draw from real  life. 14 more words


An Ode to Frida

Life. Love. Death. 

Commissioned piece
Oil on round Canvas

© 2014 Shroomantics ~ Rahima Begum


The Mars Diaries—two weeks at a space station in Utah

Museum botanist Paul Sokoloff is completing a scientific “vacation”…at a Mars simulation station in the deserts of Utah! Here he shares some daily diary entries that cover his two-week experience. 1,138 more words


daily drawing 11/26/2014

So this is the weed I’m focusing on. It’s Salsola tragus, also known as Russian thistle (but that’s a misnomer because it is not even a thistle or even in that family, but it’s spiny, so it’s reminiscent of a thistle) and it’s also known as tumbleweed. 50 more words


The Natural History of Star Wars: Part I

Have you ever wondered: Are Ewoks and Jawas related to each other? What kind of plants were Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru growing on their moisture farm? 716 more words