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The Signature of all Things by Elizabeth Gilbert (2013)

I cringe to think of how many hours I spent reading this book that I didn’t particularly like yet couldn’t put down—my reaction is an odd combination, yet it seems to fit because this book was an odd combination of mediocre writing, fascinating botany, a too often predictable plot, and often highly engaging sub plots.  524 more words

Book Reviews

No Microscopes, No Laptops, No Library, No Problem: The Challenges of Bringing Our Laboratory to the Field

Our team of botanists continues its four-week expedition along the Coppermine River in Nunavut. This is one one of several articles in which team members describe conditions that they face when doing research in the Arctic. 587 more words


Home Connections: Flower Pigment Art

“The earth laughs in flowers.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many different crafts that we make with flowers – gluing them to crowns, making flower petal butterflies, or using them as paint brushes. 692 more words

Environmental Education

Rocket Larkspur (Consolida ajacis)

Doubtful knight’s spur or rocket larkspur is an annual flowering plant, native to Eurasia, in the family Ranunculaceae. Widespread in much of North America, where it was an introduced species, leaves are very fine, palmately divided and are covered with minute hairs. 97 more words


Random Plant: Pale evening primrose

Pale evening primrose (Oenothera pallida, Onagraceae) is an eye-catching native of the North American west. Found growing in arid regions from British Columbia through Texas, it’s often seen in desert shrublands and pinyon-juniper woodlands. 107 more words


Botanical Artists: Anna Atkins and Elizabeth Blackadder Influenced Responses

As well as coming from an arty background, I also study biology and so wanted to incorporate science into my project. Atkins and Blackadder are examples of botanists who use art in order to convey their findings and to collate their work. 162 more words


Free Photo of the Day 7/21/14 & An Epigram

Hi friends!

Two updates today. The first is your free photo of the day, this one of an American white water lily (nymphaea ordorata… 174 more words