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Plant-Insect Interaction: Flower crab spider on a common tansy

Of the approximately 130 species of crab spiders (Araneae: Thomisidae) found in North America, only about 20 are known to regularly inhabit flowers. 135 more words


BSBI Rubus workshop 2014 - a weekend of brambles !

But brambles all look the same, I hear you say, how could you possibly spend an entire weekend just looking at Rubus species ???

Well. If you’ve noticed that not all wild blackberries taste the same, there’s a reason for that.  361 more words


Botanical print

I’ve admired Pierre Joseph Redoute’s roses for years.

Today I discovered his Vintage Cherries at Free Vintage Art.


Hybrid Tea Rose

I was drawn to the variegated colors in this Hybrid Tea Rose.


Summer Blooming Flowers 9-2-2014

I think I need to seek out this Grumpy Cat I hear about. This is how I feel about having to go back to work this morning. 368 more words

Phenology - Zone 5A

Nature is a Mad Scientist

Nature is defined as,

the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.

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