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Green Rose

Press play :Dhttps://frozenropephotography.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/01-brandenburg-concerto-no-2-f-major.mp3It’s been a minute since last photo post.  So here’s something to get started back on the right trackI call this the Green Rose in the Flaming Red Sea. 11 more words

Real Life Images

December 17 - Pointers and settias

Today’s factismal: The poinsettia and the Chinese tallow tree come from the same plant family.

For some folks, nothing says Christmas like a big, leafy poinsettia plant. 420 more words


Growing Plants in Outer Space

Last December I wrote about a mission to the moon that will involve growing plants to determine how they will perform in a lunar environment. That mission is still at least a year away. 516 more words

Horticulture And Agriculture

Persimmon folklore...

In Ozark folklore, an upcoming winter is said to be predictable by slicing a persimmon seed and observing the cutlery-shaped formation within it. Folklore states that a spoon pattern inside the seeds indicates lots of snow to shovel, a knife pattern inside the seeds indicates a winter with cold, cutting winds and a fork pattern means a mild Winter with good eating. 

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