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Think of Prince Albert piercings, Bowie knives and Mt Everest. These wonderful things will forever be synonymous with the men they’re named after. While no doubt Freud would have something complicated to say about this kind of thing, it cannot be denied that having the worlds highest mountain named after you would be great for the ego! 229 more words


Bryce Canyon National Park

A wonderland of fiery rock formations mixed with rich evergreen forests and meadows, Bryce Canyon National Park preserves some truly amazing natural features in southern Utah. 646 more words


A Toast To Earth Day

Stranger in a Strange Land

In early 19th century America, a strange man was walking the land. He had a scraggly beard, dressed in rough burlap, slept in barns, and most people thought of him as a dirty vagrant. 775 more words


L is for Lupine and Locoweed

Two plants found in Arizona that are similar in appearance are (links) Lupine and Locoweed.  There are several species of each plant. They are both members of the Fabaceae, or Pea Family.   261 more words


Sketching April Flowers

Our fifth grade classes were able to sketch some colorful flowers in our perennial garden.  We are observing the red emperor tulip to help learn all the parts of the flower and discuss pollination.   77 more words

5th Grade

April on Mitlenatch

Once again we spent a week on Mitlenatch Island Nature Provincial Park as volunteer wardens. This was our third year as part of the stewardship team that monitors this beautiful place, a… 303 more words


Wise old cottonwood



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I frequently pass by this beautiful, giant cottonwood tree on my daily outings. Its exterior harbors a plethora of colors and textures with moss and spiderwebs hanging their tapestries from its massive frame. My eyes scale up its sublime form, fingers transversing a mountain of bark, shivers running down my spine, as I feel a deeply-rooted connection between its life and mine. In honor of Earth Day (or any day for that matter), get outside, find an ancient tree and familiarize yourself with a piece of history.