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Blogtober Day 13: Favorite Fall Recipe

When fall rolls around there are two things I immediately crave (aside from cinnamon in my coffee):
Chicken Enchilada Soup and Pumpkin Bread.

I HAVE to have it. 720 more words

Oct 10 | Bob of the Day

On my way home tonight, I hummed along to this fun song playing on the radio. And as I hummed along, it reminded me of my early childhood, when I first heard its catchy (and somewhat senseless?) lyrics. 175 more words


Letter to Myself in Ten Years

Hey Girl,

First of all, I hope you’re still alive. I’m banking on the fact that you didn’t contract Ebola or Skin-cancer. And I’m hoping you could survive an attack from the terrorist group that shall not be named (you don’t want your blog to get flagged by the government, “These are dark times….” (bonus points to name that movie!)) 376 more words

Blogging in October

Oh, hey.

Here we are in October. I haven’t blogged since July, but I’m back and ready for some fall bloggin’! August through now were months of traveling (Ozarks, St. 833 more words

Sep 30 | Bob of the Day

I have so much catching up to do… on writing, on reading, on sharing things… While I’m trying to figure out the order and the what / when / why, let me entertain you with some music. 45 more words


What To Buy | New Shoes

So again I’m slacking on the outfit posts right now, or anything that includes me in it – I have a good excuse. The feeling ill I mentioned yesterday, well it’s just got worse.. 106 more words


Sep 15 | Bob of the Day

Or let’s say… almost. Today’s song – I had it on the tip of my tongue and totally on my mind. Until like five minutes ago. 79 more words