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MMD: MD to Lexington, KY!

Waking up July 31st was not awesome.  Towson Hot Bagel and an orange gatorade helped, but man, that morning just sucked.  July 30th, though, was awesome and definitely not something we regret.   334 more words


Our Modern Day Manifest Destiny

On August 31st, BME & I packed up our GTI with the dogs and everything we would need for 2-3 weeks and set off west.  We followed the above highlighted route for a week and made excellent time.   84 more words


Did our unusually warm summer have anything to do with the influx of transplants to Seattle?

When most people think of Seattle they think of a rainy city!  But this year our summer was refreshingly warm, maybe a bit too much for native Seattleites!  49 more words


Carpet Cleaning needs in Bothell, WA

Carpet Cleaning Needs in Bothell, WAWhen a person goes looking for the…

CHILIFEST, October 9th in Bothell

Well, I’m at it again.  It all started in 2007 when I — in conjunction with the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce and Bothell’s funeral home — held the first Chilifest.   169 more words


Witness to a Murder (of crows)

Taking a diversion from the usual technology-related topic to share a bit of what most people will never see,  Sunday morning, 5:30 AM, the first day of Fall, 2014.  542 more words


Bothell, WA. Steam Cleaning

Bothell, WA Steam CleaningCarpt manufaturers are in greement that th…