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Bottle Top Necklace

By hammering this bottle top flat and linking it to a chain I made a simple but pretty neat little necklace….

A Video Showing How I Package My Bottle Cap Necklaces

No matter how small or inexpensive your product I feel it’s important to present it professionally,
because it shows that you take pride in what you do.

Bottle Caps

DIY Bottle Cap Tray, Or "How to Surprise your Boyfriend!"

My boyfriend Ste is a big fan of beer. He likes to sample lots of different real ales and craft beers and since he moved in with me he’s been collecting the caps from all of them. 1,401 more words


Blue and Yellow

How do you feel about the colors blue and yellow? Not individually, but together side by side. Whenever I see blue and yellow together, I think of Spartans and SJSU. 126 more words


Bottle Cap

He finished the last swallow of his beer and took the metal cap into his mouth and began to bite it. I watched as his teeth destroyed it; twisting it into an amorphous shape folding and bending it until it was barely recognizable. 59 more words

My Father's Day Cap

A little history before I launch into the very strange thing that happened to me on Father’s Day.


When I first adopted my cat, Marble, the rescue woman told me two things. 670 more words