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Charlotte Bevan and the Media's Responsibility to Women


The tragic death of Charlotte Bevan¬†and her newborn daughter this month affected me deeply. I’ve thought about her every day since the news came in that she was missing. 899 more words


Must Have Items #3 - Bottle-feeding Travel Accessories

If you choose to bottle-feed your child, you may become overwhelmed with everything you need to pack before leaving the house.

I have found some great items that helped minimize what I needed to bring, while making sure I still had everything I would need for my outing. 260 more words

Must Haves

NICU | Day 18

Day 18 of Whitlee’s stay in the NICU fell on 12-13-14. We basically knew early on there was a slim chance on me making it to my due date, so 12-13-14 was the day I was actually hoping to have her, as I would have been a day short of 37 weeks. 113 more words

34 Weeks

NICU | Day 17

Today was another good day! Whitlee is doing really well in her open bassinet and starting to take more and more of her feedings. When I got there for my daytime visit, in 24 hours she’d taken all but her 11 pm and 11 am feedings by mouth, so that was a great improvement! 528 more words

34 Weeks

NICU | Day 16

Our girl is finally in an open bassinet!!

Today was a really big day for her. She moved to the open bassinet and just suddenly seemed so big. 196 more words

34 Weeks

NICU | Day 14

Tuesday was two weeks Whitlee has been in the NICU. I can’t believe we have a two week old! She’s still progressing really well, though. When I went to see her, I changed her and we sat down to breastfeed. 353 more words

34 Weeks

NICU | Day 13

Today was another step in the right direction. Whitlee is still breastfeeding pretty well and taking bottles occasionally. She seems to have gotten the hang of suck, swallow, breathe, and her difficulty lies in staying awake long enough to eat and recognizing that she’s hungry. 235 more words

34 Weeks