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I think the most personal question I received after having the twins was if I was breast-feeding or not. At the beginning I didn’t think too much of it but as I delved more into the world of formula I realized just how judgmental and prying this question can be. 1,386 more words

Bottle feed bonding...

Straight up and down my experience breastfeeding broke my heart and to bond with my boy I had to stop.
I quit the fight, an analogy I don’t really like for breastfeeding but it was my experience, actual tantrums on my breast, a struggle to get Pat to latch and then to stay on, a battle to build up enough supply to make him want to choose my boobs over a bottle that provided what he needed and wanted so efficiently. 612 more words


Coming to terms with breast not being best

I am open minded about how mothers choose to feed their babies – I have supported friends in both breast and bottle camps and have always seen benefits on both sides.   863 more words

Bottle Feeding

I wish I had been a Fearless Formula Feeder

In talking about breastfeeding, I also wanted to talk about formula feeding. Like the mythological Ancient Greek character Tiresias, who has lived as a man and a woman, I have lived as a formula feeder and an exclusively breast feeding mom. 539 more words


Kitten development and orphaned kitten care

Every year we have a number of clients who find abandoned baby kittens and take on the project of raising them. This post is an introduction to the development of kittens (physical and social), as well as how to raise a tiny kitty successfully. 610 more words


The dangerous myth of choice in infant feeding

In the Guardian today, Jessica Valenti wrote an excellent piece about breastfeeding, bottlefeeding and judgement.  It was a lovely article, making making points well.  But it’s central point – namely that all parents are making the best choices for their families – is flawed.   1,366 more words


Bottle feeding the breastfeeding way: Paced bottle feeding tutorial

Paced bottle feeding is an excellent technique to use for formula fed and breastfed babies. It can not only prevent the problem of a breastfed baby preferring the fast flow of a bottle, it can also help formula fed babies tolerate their feeds better. 33 more words