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Feed the Baby and Nod YES in Celebration of National Physical Therapy Month

As a new mommy, feeding my little H can sometimes be a pain in the neck; in the physical sense of course. Have you experienced pain with feeding? 511 more words

Breastfeeding in Public - Our Journey

I am a fairly shy person and I am not someone who wanders round with much skin exposed, in fact as a person who is cold a lot of the time I have been known to wear jumpers in summer! 800 more words


A New Milestone! In Real Life Ep. 8

Every day I wake up thinking about my 6 month old baby John and whether or not he will learn something new today. I am always so anxious for him to reach all the milestones and so far he has been so amazing at reaching all of them early! 87 more words

In Real Life

Breastfeeding Vs Bottle-feeding. Why the debate?

War, famine and disease. Politics, fashion and weather. So many talking points, so many subjects. So why is it that one of the biggest debates; certainly in this country, is that of breastfeeding v bottle-feeding? 1,037 more words


Formula marketing 101

The Mead Johnson company was particularly aggressive in its pursuit of medical clients for its baby formulae.

This relationship was described as “enlightened self-interest and co-operation” between the  manufacturer and the medical profession.

Fixing breastfeeding

There is no doubt that concerns about infant mortality rates in the USA at the end of the nineteenth century played a role in motivating the medical profession to find new, safe ways of providing nourishment to small babies. 402 more words


bash the breastfeeding supporter

Is it me?

Probs it is me.

It’s like when you notice women with prams everywhere when you’re pregnant.

Seems to me there’s a bit of beating up of breastfeeding supporters and advocates going on. 525 more words