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Food for thought

This week my kitchen counter has been absolutely covered in various parts and pieces of five different bottle systems, sippy cups, differently shaped spoons and containers. 762 more words

Special Needs Children

Feeding Police

I am sure that almost everyone who has had a child will have heard of the ‘Breastfeeding Police’ or ‘Breastfeeding Mafia’

Well I know there are those out there who lecture others on breastfeeding being something that everyone should do, and can make mums feel inadequate if they for whatever reason chose not to. 481 more words


Insufficient Glandular Tissue- Why Can't I Breastfeed?

This post is to explain a few things I know about Insufficient Glandular Tissue (IGT) and to share the resources that have helped me out. 1,000 more words


Feed Shaming - The Latest Trend in “I’m Better Than You” Parenting

Every decision you make is another opportunity to feel mom guilt. Or even better? Another opportunity to shame others for their horrible parenting decisions.

The way one chooses to feed a baby is probably the most popular way parents and non-parents alike LOVE to shame themselves and others. 1,021 more words


The Pressure to Breastfeed

It’s no surprise to anyone in the birthing community that breastfeeding is being more heavily encouraged. More hospitals are obtaining an official “Baby Friendly Hospital” status, which means that baby will be placed skin to skin, encouraged to nurse within the first hour, room in with mom, and breastfeeding encouragement throughout the mom’s stay. 2,687 more words


Can Everyone Lactate?

I keep sitting down to write my journey through breastfeeding, blow by blow. But then I wonder why I think I need to explain every last thing I did. 693 more words


Trying out a new type of bottle - the Munchkin Latch

We recently received an email letting us know that we had been chosen to be Munchkin product testers and that we would be receiving our products to test in the post shortly. 415 more words