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It's Your Baby, Feed Him Your Way!

In the short amount of time that I have been a mom I have probably encountered more negative feedback than positive. There are so many naysayers out there! 698 more words


M is for Mama: Feeding Time

Warning: a lot of chat about breasts and breastfeeding in this post. Nothing in this piece is meant to cause controversy – I simply want to add my own narrative to the general conversation and to help those who may experience similar situations or feelings to my own. 1,937 more words

M Is For Mama

Bonding with the Bottle

I didn’t realise it at the time but the first brave decision I made as a parent was to formula feed my baby.

During my pregnancy and prior I assumed I would breastfeed. 1,683 more words


Hello Merlot old friend

For those of you who are as clueless about all this baby stuff as I was before Baby Girl, turns out, you can pump breast milk to use in bottles. 364 more words


Such an annoying question!

Now before I get flack for dissing formula feeding mothers let me just make a few things clear. I have no issues with how a mother feeds their child. 670 more words

Profile Picture

Mothers, how would you feel when your 19 year old son use as a Facebook profile picture a picture of the both of you? The teenager has a girlfriend and yet he chose to use your picture instead of the two of them together. 437 more words


5 Tips for Better Bottle Feeding

I recently told the story of how I gave my calf CPR and the Heimlich (The Calf Heimlich).

Sadly, when I went to feed my calves the next morning I found the little heifer had died. 725 more words

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