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Siren vs Brewdog (Bottleshop's September tasting)

Now I think this is no contest but then I’m incredibly biased having drunk 15 different Sirens (and one to come) some of which have been very good (3) and others have been not my thing (3). 365 more words


Owner of Lonestar Beverages to Open New Growler and Bottle Shop in Lewisville

Rick and Sam Ali, the father and son owners of the popular Lonestar Beverages store in Carrollton, TX, announced this morning that they will be expanding into the growler filling business with their new store, … 140 more words

Craft Beer

Siren's recent collaborations


The Belgian beer that was a collab with Off Color the newly created brewery with John Laffler formerly of Goose Island Biere de Gouttiere… 359 more words


Belgian beer personal drinking timeline

We went through an entire year of trying all the belgian beers at la trappiste and our tastes changed as we were trying them and we drank so many that we don’t really like them any more. 426 more words

Let's Talk Shop

I love hanging out at bottle shops, drinking quality libations, and interacting with a diverse and intelligent group of craft beer fans. Raleigh is home to several, including… 750 more words


Warm vs cold beer

Some beer is better warm and others cold. This has always been the way of things. However if your unconventional like myself you will find yourself wanting to enjoy stouts in summer. 296 more words


Visiting the Select Beer Store, Smog City, Monkish Brewery

Over the weekend the wife and I stopped by the Select Beer Store in Redondo Beach. The shop is nestled on PCH right next to a dynamite mexican restaurant. 314 more words