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No bottled water for Jack Bauer!

A light-hearted post this time… after some heavy regulation and policy matters in recent months…

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about negative environmental impacts of bottled water… 285 more words


Dying of thirst

I was NEVER a person who enjoyed water. I actually went 4 months without water once in New Mexico because it wasn’t filtered. I don’t like soda, or many juice varieties and tea was unavailable. 242 more words


Three Bans (2008)

1. Smoking employees-due to health insurance.

2. Bottled water-due to clogging landfills per Austin, Texas.

3. Brown grass-even during water conservation time.
What’s a person to do? 16 more words


Got Fluoride?

Fluoride strengthens our teeth and helps us maintain good oral health, and as more people turn to bottled water and away from the tap, they may be missing out on one important ingredient, fluoride. 177 more words

Amboy Orthodontics

Quick ... how much does gas cost?

You see them every day. You drive by, walk by, ride your bike by those gas stations. And there it is. The price of gas per litre (or, liter, for my American friends!). 350 more words


Canadian bottled water ban backfires

Are you watching San Francisco? I mean are you REALLY watching what is going on in Nanaimo, Canada? You remember, right? They were one of the first Canadian cities to enact a ban on the sale of bottled water at city concession stands at its recreation centers that you probably got the inspiration from. 319 more words

Happy Birthday Water

Depending on your location, we can offer as few as 4 cases (100 bottles) of custom and personalized bottled water. We use the same top quality labels as well. 113 more words

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