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Reducing Acid in your diet ..#3

Acid Acid Acid…….Alkalize Your Body

This is one of the big things that you started to hear about  last year.  Everywhere you turned in the Alternative World you hear Alkalize. 292 more words

Apart from coffee, what do Koreans drink a lot every day?

Question: Apart from coffee, what do Koreans drink a lot every day?

Answer: Bottled water.

In the blog post dated 21 January 2015, it is mentioned that Koreans like to drink coffee very much.   362 more words

Korean Culture

What it costs to make ourselves happy instant heroes


Humanitarian campaigns are proposing fun and simpler ways to support their causes with the help of advanced communication technologies and corporate sponsorships. It has become common to do good by shopping, running, texting and playing games. 344 more words


Chiang Mai Moments

My Lucille Ball moment:


Everyone drinks bottled water here. Well, maybe that’s not true, but most everyone I’ve seen does. The stores are filled with bottled water. 1,293 more words


Reasons to Drink More Water

The benefits to drinking water are endless, but we recently found a list of 12 unexpected reasons to drink more water. One reason given was drinking water can prevent body pain. 169 more words

Fontis Water

Seven Good Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

Up until four years ago, I drank unfiltered tap water and didn’t give it much thought. Then when recovering from a long, complex illness, I learned that drinking tap water wasn’t doing me any favors. 560 more words

Bottled Water

Adrian Vargas, Santiago Medina, Rodrigo Salas

GLENDIVE, Mont. (AP) — Eastern Montana residents rushed to stock up on bottled water Tuesday after authorities detected a cancer-causing component of oil in public water supplies downstream of a Yellowstone River pipeline spill. 847 more words