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Regulated Bottled Water, A Geological Product?

The Popularity of Bottled Water

Bottled water sales are exploding again! During 2013 Nigerians consumed over 5 billion gallons of bottled water. This is a new volume record after a brief slump during the recent recession. 1,223 more words

Print media blog #5

This week we didn’t get anything done because we have been working hard over the past few weeks coming up with ideas for the logo and slogan for our water bottle campaign. 90 more words

4 Workout Trends: Digital, Short, Social, Row

Are you one to make excuses that you can’t find the time to exercise? I am. Or you start a routine for a few days and then you don’t start again for a few weeks? 409 more words


NYU takes tremendous strides toward sustainability!

New York University is currently ranked the TOP 13TH U.S. SCHOOL for bottle reduction! Help NYU win free water stations by texting I <3 tap to 69866. 52 more words


Earth Day: UGH!

From the department of “You’re Totally Missing the Point” comes this gem:

Cinemark, a fine paragon of film, but not so much of environmentalism, delivered this to me as my weekly coupon today. 151 more words

Earth Day

When Can My Baby Have Bottled Water

With the lovely warm weather we are having recently & our upcoming holiday, I’ve been increasing the amount of water Amelia drinks. Like the sterilising, I was still giving her cooled boiled water up to today (very slow to get out of our “baby routine”). 440 more words

Bottled Water

5 Reasons Not To Drink Bottled Water

Bottled water is healthy water — or so marketers would have us believe. Just look at the labels or the bottled water ads: deep, pristine pools of spring water; majestic alpine peaks; healthy, active people gulping down icy bottled water between biking in the park and a trip to the yoga studio. 852 more words

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