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The Right to Drink Water

Here’s the scenario: Fifty-year old Jane recently adopted a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. She briskly walks around the local park daily. Three times a week she jogs to the local gym, where she does yoga and a small work out. 611 more words

The Meaning Of Water

Encouraging the Use of Drinking Fountains

The Students Union and The University are keen to see if there are ways we can all use less bottled water and instead use drinking fountains on campus. 287 more words


People used to rely on tap water. However, in the last two decades, people began to shy away from tap water because of several health scares. 218 more words

Ban Plastic Bottles

The Story of Bottled Water

In a little over five minutes, the Story of Bottled Water tells us how people buy more than half a billion of bottled water every week, when it is readily available from the tap. 35 more words

Ban Plastic Bottles

It's not true that bottled waters are safer than tap water.

Most people think that bottled waters are of higher quality and cleaner than tap water. This is not true at all. Manufacturers of bottled waters claim that tap water is unsafe to keep the demands for bottled water in its peak. 137 more words

Ban Plastic Bottles

Nature Alert: Why should we stop the use of plastic water bottles?

Some of us may not realize it, but the use of plastic water bottles harms our environment. The more we consume bottled waters, the more natural resources will be used and destroyed in order to produce such large quantity of products. 235 more words

Ban Plastic Bottles

INITIATIVE 2: Stop Purchasing Bottled Water

Ok. I am doing the easy things first. But sometimes the simple things have the largest impact. Initiative two is to stop purchasing bottled water, and I can totally do this! 599 more words