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There She Blows!!

Unbelievably exciting day here in Sandy Point. We had 3 encounters: bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales (oh yes we did), and spotted dolphins. And the best part? 665 more words


10 Incredible Photos of Animals In The Womb

The chance to see things from a different perspective ranks among humanity’s great needs. The following images of animals in the womb offer a totally new way of seeing other species on this planet; they cause us to pause, and—at least for a short time—to reflect on everything that is incredible about existence. 573 more words


10 Animals That Practice Homosexuality

Scientific research is spotting a surprising range of animals that engage in same-sex relationships. In this mind-expanding list, we will look at the “Lesbian Albatrosses” of Hawaii; male dolphins who keep boyfriends; and sam-sex seagull couples who adopt young to raise together. 1,198 more words


Ireland, Funghi The Dolphin

In a previous post I told the story of taking a boat ride to see Funghi the Dingle Bay Dolphin.  Unfortunately I wasn’t in a good position to take pictures so gave up quickly and just watched the show. 95 more words


Doubtful Sound with Real Journeys, NZ

March 8, 2014

Doubtful Sound, not really a sound at all but a fiord, is one of the most spectacular in Fiordland National Park. While not the most easily accessible, if you have the time it is worth the journey in all but the worst weather. 389 more words


Dolphin in Maalaea Harbor

The research team did not have to go far on July 3rd to spot a dolphin. There was one swimming around Maalaea Harbor! It looked like a sub-adult, meaning it was not fully grown. 94 more words


Bottle-nose Dolphin

 Tursiops Truncatus



Bottle-nose Dolphins are the most popular dolphin. The surprising thing is most people don’t know that, even if they have a picture of one on their wall. 1,306 more words