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Bottom Up Leadership

Something that I’ve seen lost in leadership training, recently, has been “Bottom Up Leadership,” and I found an article that precisely covers the points I was looking to share. 41 more words


The use of climate scenarios for adaptation planning in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Written by: Karen Hiawalyer.

The observed impacts of climate change pose immediate threats to the development aspirations of both developed and developing countries. Future emissions of Green House Gases (GHG) further exacerbates the uncertainty in future climate change impacts. 2,245 more words

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Information Architecture – The Invisible Truths.

Ghosts and Information Architecture.  Same thing.  Both are invisible to the naked eye…

Ok so maybe a slight generalisation.  Now I am not suggesting you get the popcorn out and sit your colleagues down for a round robin viewing session of the ‘Paranormal Activity’ quintet to demonstrate the parallels between the supernatural and the field that is Information Architecture. 535 more words



Where, might you ask, do I stand on the existence of God?

 I ask back:  Does a businessman accept that any system can be managed effectively by both top down and bottom up leadership and organization? 202 more words


Recap Session: Efficiently Transition to the 2013 COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework Using policyIQ

The policyIQ Team was recently joined by Senior Practice Director of RGP’s Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) practice, Les Sussman, to discuss how the updated COSO framework will impact companies and, specifically, policyIQ clients or prospects. 429 more words


Zipped Icelandic and "The Evolution of Knitting"...

15 yrs ago I visited a church on the west-coast of Norway. I knew my grand, grand, grand something – father had some connection to the previous church here, and I had an interest in seeing some of the items that I knew belonged to the «old» church. 1,713 more words


Divine Hat / Very Warm Hat Mashup

I did not design either the Divine Hat or the Very Warm Hat.  But I do believe I may have been the first to decide to put the both of them together, in an amazing combination of knitting and crochet skills. 161 more words