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The Gray Tower

After many seasons of traveling, the young damsel arrived at the foot of the great round tower. It was built of luminous gray stones and rose to heights that only hawks and eagles have tasted. 485 more words

Model parades around New York BOTTOMLESS with painted-on jeans ... and nobody notices!

It’s either the most detailed paint job ever or New Yorkers are the most inattentive people in the world.

You decide.

First, the video:

Woman walks through New York bottomless, with painted on Jeans… 315 more words



Earlier this summer, I decided to go to Eastern Market to do some Sunday morning shopping. Everyone and their mother had their dogs there, and I’m severely allergic to dogs, so I very quickly decided to come up with an alternate plan. 154 more words


The Rings

It has long been known that it is easy to terrorize and torment the children of the sun. One merely draws a circle in the sand or dirt around the child, and it will immediately burst into tears and wring its hands, trapped forever until an outsider breaks the ring. 189 more words

Online Goldcross Cycles Catalogue enefits are Bottomless

One who loves to ride on a bike, what can be the best place than Goldcross cycles online Australia. Once you visit the site, you will find a huge Goldcross cycles catalogue. 454 more words