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Nilda's Glamour at The Beacon | Vision of Rose Photography

We started out Nilda’s special day at my studio where her hair and makeup were done, however, she was drop dead gorgeous before the first makeup brush or curling iron touched her! 113 more words


Jeanette's boudoir session

Thanks to Jeanette for giving me this opportunity to try something new, we had a great time shooting and the images come out really well!!!

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Pre-Wedding Bridal Boudoir

Why Bridal Boudoir?

Boudoir photos are typically used as a creative and sexy gift for a loved one, for a special occasion or just for fun. 640 more words


My Formal Introduction

To live rich and famously with a billion in my would give me much pleasure. Fill a cozy space with all of the plush luxuries afforded the wealthy or perhaps those who can just splurge on frivolous things such as lace panties and I am in lady heaven. 193 more words


Hey Wednesday, Not sure what happened overnight, but a “bad dream”, followed by a late wake up, and breaking my “nectar of the gods” (Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino) all over my pants is not a great way to start the day! 137 more words


Dixie's s boudoir session

Was a pleasure to shoot this half Italian and half redneck beauty, enjoy!

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