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Running out

I was supposed to have visited my sister at the weekend but an unexpected lightning induced migraine on Saturday morning put paid to that along with parkrun. 849 more words


Saturday WOD

What’s your training goal? What are you training for? Today is the day you incorporate your goal,  the reason that you are training  into your day. 104 more words


Keep your hands smiling and your chalk fun

Sure, we can all choose a red harness over a black one, but chalk bags are the one place as a climber we can show our real personality. 493 more words


A beautiful edit

I love this short bouldering edit because it couples good climbing with good cinematography. Enjoy.


Friday feeling

This week I have mostly been…


Eating tonnes of salad…It’s been a hot one this week, so the Mr and I have been craving salad BIG TIME. 383 more words


Getting in Shape for the Climb

I’ve heard over and over from friends, “I want to climb Rainier with you this summer.” But the first thing that goes through my mind is, no way am I taking you up with me in your current condition. 837 more words


Man vs. Machine

I’ll admit it: I’m a luddite. This may seem a little hypocritical seeing as I have a blog and upload most of the pictures on it through my iPhone. 814 more words

Gym Bag.