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Last Week In Phys. Ed. (Jan. 19th - Jan. 23rd)

Last week in Phys. Ed. was the beginning of our basketball/bouncing unit.  Students in grades K-2 started working on their bouncing skills.  We took some time to work on the fundamentals of bouncing (bouncing with the fingers, keeping our head up, moving while bouncing) and also played some games to work on our skills (connect 4 dribbling, sharks in the middle). 125 more words

Animation Skills- Bouncing Ball

We were introduced with a detailed lecture and was given very clear information about animating the movement of objects. In this lecture, I learnt the stretch and squash method to create a bouncing ball.  44 more words


Fresh Music: Belladonna (@iam_bella) - Bouncing

ladies & gentle, we are abt to introduce too u,
one of the best RnB artist that you ever listen to
(BELLADONNA) with her bang new single (boucing) she… 26 more words

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The Connected Writer

Sean Bischop’s article, “Small Presses & Self-Publishers: Enemies? Or Half-Sibling?”(http://www.vqronline.org/publishing/small-presses-self-publishers-enemies-or-half-siblings) primarily focuses on how current technology has made it difficult for self-publishing companies to compete with the established publishing corporations. 484 more words

Rhetoric And Entertainment


9yo :  this trick is called the human can.  you ask why it’s not called the human cannonball? [ i didn’t]  because when you shoot forward, you get stuffed into a can of franks and beans. 8 more words


Rebounding - or jumping on my new trampoline!

I always loved trampolines. I remember using a huge one in gym class. I was the big kid, but on the trampoline I could fly just as high as everyone else. 363 more words