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Finding the answer between Yes and No

I don’t like saying “No” to a request. I don’t always like saying “Yes” either. But I do like to help, and I tend to reason that if I can do something, I should do it. 473 more words


How to Roommate

Whether it be during college or after, a bad roommate can make your life a living hell.  Living with another person, especially a complete stranger, can be difficult at first, but  follow these simple rules and you’ll probably survive. 601 more words


Why sound like you’re offering me a choice, when you’re going to do what you want anyway?

Standards, boundaries, rules…whatever we wanna call them. Ever notice when we are trying to uphold some new ways of being, allowing and saying okay to certain things, that a backlash occurs?

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Private property

It seems like people have forgotten some of the basic rules of what it means to be civilized. Remember in kindergarten the phrase “If it’s not yours, don’t touch it.”? 93 more words


Welcome to The Ex Files...

When it comes to Family of Origin vs Family of Choice… I think I’ve made my preference more than clear in Confessions of an Elective Orphan…  333 more words


The Truth Every Black Person Needs To Realize

Asian Interviewer: “Can you address their concerns Mr.Chang?”

Mr Chang: “The concerns of Black people? Yes I can. The fact is, that we all live under a system of White Supremacy. 285 more words

First World Problems

Ridiculous Things That Have Been Said To Me

This post could go in the category of Life (because it happened to me), Humour (if you take pleasure in laughing at me because in happened to me) or I could add a new category called Ridiculous but I won’t because I hope not to collect too much of ridiculousness in my life henceforth. 702 more words