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Do you Hate "Time Management" yet Yearn for More Time?

I squirm when I hear the words “Time Management.”  I know many people who love managing their calendar and time with the utmost efficiency and they are wired to do so with ease.  525 more words



Intense sessions. So far I am learning that when in the right frame of mind, I can tolerate almost any level of pain. At this point he was whipped, paddled, caned, strapped, restrained and gagged me. 468 more words

Protecting Family.

I’m thinking about going public with my blog. No. I’m preparing to go public. This would mean that my employers could read graphic journals of me talking about suicide and even see photographs of my scars. 280 more words


Foreign Objects

Somehow strangers

Became less strange

And when you said my name…

It was a lovely melody

And not a word.

And all the lines

Became absurd… 54 more words

What's the Rules?

A baby is born into a family and immediately there are expectations. There are rules imposed upon him. Only he has no idea. If he’s born in the United States, he’ll likely be in a hospital and there’ll be immunizations and tests. 352 more words


Never negotiate with terrorists

P’s nephew who lives with us, is two, and the full force of the terrible twos are upon us. We installed a baby gate that separates his and his mum’s bedrooms from the rest of the house, to stop him from accidentally braining himself in the living area, and it also doubles as a convenient naughty spot. 433 more words


What About Me!

Some people think solely about themselves, others mostly about themselves and others never about themselves. Like most things in life a little balance is a good thing. 292 more words

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