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Words on sexual H.arassment from the Heart

I’ve in the last few years been harassed and disrespected by men and have experienced many other Women who have gone through the same thing. I’ve been happy to see that Men and Females are raising awareness around rape, sexual harassment, objectification of females, and creating support and guidance to people who have been effected. 1,287 more words

Health And Wellness

Day 1, three hours later

MC hasn’t texted or anything.
I haven’t either.

David is here with me, sitting on the couch still recovering from a lovely cold.

Just now a text came through from Paul about something David needs for school tomorrow and I jumped. 54 more words

Sex Addiction

Boundaries of Kensington

“Excuse me, but is this area Kensington or Fishtown?”

The convenience store cashier’s eyes widened just enough for me to realize it was a mistake, possibly even an insult, to ask her that. 261 more words


Day 1

Around 4pm yesterday I told MC I couldn’t wait another 2 weeks to see him again. I was kind. I told him to add me on Facebook and offered my friendship. 363 more words

Sex Addiction

Mother, with a little 'm'

Sometimes a Mother is actually just a ‘mother’. I spent all those years of my childhood wishing I could have my real Mummy back, because the one I had was evil and cruel. 486 more words