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Standing on the borderline

Are you always honest to yourself? Do you honestly know what you want? Are you listening to what your heart is telling you? Are you aware enough of your boundaries? 419 more words


Risks are never taken, fearing the consequences. The consequences are never faced as the outcomes are feared. New ideas are never implemented as they have never been tried out before.Problems are overlooked , because little things never matter anyway until it’s to late..Unlimited options have always been what we have had, but man always limits himself to boundaries that he creates…..

A Boundary Story

So this one time I went to Pennsic. Without naming names, there was a guy who my campmates were friends with, and he was initially very nice. 407 more words

Nice to meet you! Now help me with this problem.

So, I know we haven’t had any formal introductions yet and all, but it’s because of this issue that I started/restarted this blog. I need to unload all these feelings, and what better place than the interwebs. 913 more words


A Lesson from the Park

My son became really frustrated with me this evening. It didn’t last for very long, but I could sense that he was upset. He is three years old so this kind of thing happens every day, but this time made me think a little more than other times. 382 more words

Ministry Sauce

Visualize Limits as Horizons

Spirit asks me to visualize my limits as horizons, not as boundaries, as I seem to do. As we move closer to the horizon, it adopts our pace and moves forward, too, as if in a game to maintain the distance of separation from us. 28 more words

There IS Enough Time: 4 Keys to Time Management

There IS Enough Time: 4 Keys to Time Management

Let’s start by establishing that time is relative. Humans are the only ones in this world who live on a linear time clock. 1,151 more words

Heart Healing