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This post is all over the place. Also, GISHWHES 2014!


This was supposed to be a bright, happy, bouncy post. And we will get there, never fear. But now that I’ve sat down to write it, I find I want to provide a little context for where we’re going. 628 more words

Amy Sundberg

Free Market

Once again, inspired by D. G. Haskell’s The Forest Unseen

Gusty morning, gone
are the clouds that drizzled.
Hepatica shines forth
duller shades of green. 71 more words

Greeks & Romans

Narcissism Quiz Time.

How many Narcissistic Behaviors can you identify in this seemingly inane conversation between my ex-husband and myself? Hint: it’s bigger than a breadbox.

Narcissist: Hi. I haven’t spoken to you in three calendar years because when you left your telephone number on my answering machine, you didn’t speak clearly. 858 more words


What I Need In Future Relationships

OK, so my counselor is right. I begrudgingly admit it.  When I was out there dating it was giving me an opportunity to observe what I want and don’t want in a future relationship.   651 more words


15 Signs You Are Being Gaslighted

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1. Your significant other accuses you of siding with or having affairs with people he or she works with even thought you have no contact with these people WHATSOEVER. 664 more words


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This post describes ways in which the narcissist's psychological abuse builds over time. One slight comment alone is odd, but the accumulation of small pokes combine and build to become an abusive cage. It's a good read.

Why should we have limits and boundaries?

We grow up in a world that tells us not to succumb to our limits, but instead to go above and beyond them. We are also told to break boundaries down instead of building them up. 410 more words