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How Bendable Are Your Boundaries?

Establishing clear and concise boundaries for yourself is an essential part to living a happy and successful life. It is through relationships we learn about ourselves and what our personal boundaries are. 346 more words

Terrence McKenna speaking the truth.

Every time I hear something from this man, it resonates within me deeply.
This is more golden wisdom and knowledge from a truth speaker of the heart. 6 more words


January 9th 2007

As a new leaf turns, I have taken some inventory on the relationships in my life. I’ve thought about how they have affected me, influenced me, nourished me, and helped me gain more insight on what I want and deserve from my friends. 395 more words



My last post dealt with waiting until marriage for sex and why we should do that. The next question someone may ask is what can I do to keep from falling into that temptation? 601 more words

Confrontational Fears

I really struggle with telling people what I need. A lot of the time I feel that I’m in the midst of an internal battle between wanting to share my feelings and not knowing if they are worthy enough of being shared. 218 more words


Why I am never joining Project AWOL (so stop following me)

This post has been building in me for a while but receiving one more Project AWOL follower today sent me over the edge. I have a post ready to publish about money and wealth consciousness and I know that the vultures will swarm if I don’t say this first. 697 more words


my abusive relationship was typical | Defeating the Dragons

“How could I have let him do that to me! I didn’t understand anything I know now– that I’d been groomed basically my entire life for an abusive relationship by complementarianism and biblical patriarchy.” – Samantha Field… 12 more words

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